Airlines using wearables to get more personal

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Don't be surprised if the next flight attendant that serves you seems to know more about you than you'd expected. Airlines seem to be strongly interested in the possibilities offered by new wearable technology, and at least two - Qantas and Virgin Atlantic - are giving wearable tech a try in order to provide more personalized service to their customers.

Looks like you shouldn't be surprised if the person to whom you hand your boarding pass is wearing Google Glass, now.

Re: better service versus privacy (Score: 1)

by on 2014-03-22 19:29 (#RJ)

Interesting conversation gentlemen. (or ladies or amalgamation or automaton as fits) If I may throw my one and a quarter cents in here, (devaluation you know...) I would interject the following query:

" if everything gets connected, interlinked, and so on is if people and society start to lose the diversity of culture, opinion, language, etc. that makes us more interesting to each other because we have been isolated from one another, in part. "

Do you feel this would be a temporary thing, as in as we become more homogenous, and diversity decreases to the point that we as a society would lose interest in cultural differences. Resulting in a 'blending' of cultures (example: Firefly/Blade Runner/The Fifth Element and the multicultural but non separated, East/West mix) or will it result in more interest and 'containerization' of different subsets of culture to preserve the diversity? Perhaps a bit of both?

Or, am I making no sense at all...a very real possibility.
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