Accenture wins $102M contract to implement Australian Child Support system in SAP

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Accenture, a firm well known for its spectacular failures has won the AU$102m contract to replace the ageing Child Support system with a SAP system for the Australian Department of Human Services Child Support programme . Accenture will have five years to complete this herculean task. CUBA, the current CSA system for processing child support payments, dispenses $3.2 billion in payments in more than 1 billion transactions annually for 1.2 million children and 1.5 million parents per year.

Is this the deal of a lifetime or an impending disaster? And is SAP the right system to build? What would you use to support a transactional system of this magnitude?

JIRA (Score: 1)

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I'd keep it in-house, as in, in Australia. While JIRA itself is not necessarily built for this type of task, it's extremely flexible and Atlassian could, for a cool $102 million, definitely expand it or customize it to meet the expectations of the customers. Having the technology local would probably also reduce the costs of support later.
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