VirtualBox 5.0 Released

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As of today, the press statement is out for the release of Oracle's VirtualBox 5.0. This comes 4-6 months after an inquiry started about whether Oracle had abandoned further development of VirtualBox following 2013's v4.3. Infoworld's April 2, 2015 review of the VB 5.0 beta states "don't expect anything truly revolutionary... but its main advantage over VMware remains with its offer of a free incarnation of many of the same core features."

Highlights for the new release include support for USB 3.0 Devices and Disk Image Encryption, among other things.

For what it is, I enjoy it (Score: 2, Interesting)

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I've used Xen and Vmware, and they are both leaps and bounds better than Virtualbox, but mostly in the world where running hundreds of VMs is the norm. For my laptop and desktop computers, Virtualbox still wins out for ease of use over the competition (libvirt, et al.) IMHO...or maybe I'm just used to it. Nevertheless, I'm happy it isn't completely abandoned, even if development and markedly slowd.
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