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GNU Mailman 3.0 is out !

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Mailinglisten-Werkzeug Mailman 3.0 freigegeben
Die freie Mailinglisten-Software GNU Mailman ist nach mehreren Jahren der Entwicklung als Version 3 erschienen. Sie bringt ein komplett neues Web-Interface und auch unter der Oberfläche viele Änderungen.
GNU Mailman 3.0 released
GNU Mailman 3.0 has been released. "Over seven years in development, Mailman 3 represents a major new version,redesigned as a suite of cooperating components which can be used to mix andmatch however you want. The core engine is now backed by a relationaldatabase and exposes its functionality to other components via anadministrative REST+JSON API. Our new web user interface, Postorius is Django-based, as is our new archiverHyperKitty. The core requires Python 3.4 while Postorius and HyperKittyrequire Python 2.7. LWN looked at Mailman 3.0 in March, and at HyperKitty in April 2014.