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Updated 2018-06-25 03:15
Has Amazon stepped up to save The Expanse from cancellation?
Jeff Bezos' team is in talks to rescue the recently cancelled space opera.
The SpaceX rocket used for the ill-fated Zuma mission to fly again today
The company will also make another attempt to recover a payload fairing.
The Rocket Report newsletter launches on Thursday
The launch industry is booming. We want to cover it better.
T-Mobile should stop claiming it has “Best Unlimited Network,” ad group says
T-Mobile won speed tests but didn't prove it had best coverage and reliability.
Vaccination method that wiped out smallpox gets unleashed today on Ebola
As Ebola outbreak flares, experimental vaccine gets trial by fire.
Analysis: Player interest in Call of Duty’s campaigns is cratering
Less than 10 percent of PC/Xbox players finished Black Ops 3's single-player story.
2,000 years ago in Denmark, a fierce battle left dozens dead
Months after the battle, people ritually damaged remains and put them under water.
One hundred meeeeellion dollars: Epic dumps serious cash into Fortnite esports
One year's prize pool matches nearly five years of Dota 2 tournament cash.
FCC is hurting consumers to help corporations, Mignon Clyburn says on exit
Broadband regulators should actually regulate broadband, ex-FCC official says.
NASA’s EM-drive is a magnetic WTF-thruster
Test reveals that the magic space unicorns pushing the EM-drive are magnetic fields.
Ariane chief seems frustrated with SpaceX for driving down launch costs
“I cannot tell my teams: 'Goodbye, see you next year!'”
Capcom requires high-speed streaming to play Resident Evil 7 on Switch
Japanese release tries simpler method for high-end graphics on low-end hardware.
Buick’s Smart Driver explains why my gas mileage sucks—and my editor’s doesn’t
Driver monitoring isn't just for teens; adults can benefit, too.
Apple cracks down on CallKit-enabled apps in China’s App Store
Developers must remove CallKit features or remove their apps altogether.
MegaBots’ Eagle Prime was born to smash anything in its path
Oakland's finest mech also pummeled a washing machine, which had it coming.
Medicines were tainted with pesticides in sloppy drug facility, FDA warns
Warning letter notes drugs contaminated and says the company isn’t doing enough.
Dreams PS4 world-premiere hands-on: Finally, a good 3D take on LittleBigPlanet
We mold, animate, design, and score some beautiful adventures using only a gamepad.
Intel’s Mobileye wants to dominate driverless cars—but there’s a problem
Why we're skeptical of Mobileye's plan for validating self-driving car safety.
OnePlus 6 Review—A series of downgrades is saved by the low price
Metal made the previous phone stand out, but now it's just another smartphone.
China takes a critical first step toward landing on the far side of the Moon
The Queqiao spacecraft is now on its way toward the Earth-Moon L2 point.
Elon Musk tweet-announces a $78,000 performance Model 3 with all-wheel drive
"Cost of normal dual motor AWD option is $5k," Tesla CEO says
Small group of iOS devs form “The Developers Union” to request App Store changes
There's little in the way of organization, but some notable names are attached.
Who Is Arthur Chu?: When Jeopardy ended, the real puzzles of online life began
Airing on PBS, new doc explores ups and downs of growing up—and growing in stature—online.
Blunder burns unicorn attack that exploited Windows and Reader
Clicking on a PDF was all it took to infect older versions of Windows.
FCC investigates site that let most US mobile phones’ location be exposed
Wyden: mobile phone companies', contractors' view of security is "negligent."
A dozen years after near-death, Star Trek’s future may be stronger than ever
2005's Enterprise finale stopped ~18 years of Trek on TV—how did today's renaissance occur?
Peek at LEGO’s upcoming sets: Star Wars crafts, Hogwarts, Ninjago city, and more
So many new minifigs—and one even has a selfie stick.
Cambridge Analytica files for bankruptcy amidst “siege” of negative attention
"It has been determined that it is no longer viable to continue operating the business."
Utilities, Tesla appeal federal rollback of auto emissions standards
Using more electricity is good for utilities' business.
A perfect time for Fahrenheit 451 remakes; HBO’s version falls short
Story remains rich as ever and performances can be great, but there are a few clunkers.
Clean air, water on voters’ agenda, but not Congress’
Despite voters, Congress has yet another debate on whether climate change is real.
Kingdom Hearts 3 gameplay world premiere: Pixar’s magic even works on RPGs
Even if final game turns out simple, this RPG's production values cannot be overstated.
NASA asks for Europa lander science experiments—and that’s a big deal
A mundane federal solicitation may be key to ensuring the lander happens.
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 world’s first hands-on: Tight core, tons of questions
Treyarch still knows its five-on-five combat, adds smart tweaks. What about the rest?
Elon Musk talks proof-of-concept tunnel parallel to the 405 in Los Angeles
Musk's youngest company will keep LA Metro informed of its plans.
North Korea-tied hackers used Google Play and Facebook to infect defectors
Apps hosted in Google market for two months were spread over Facebook.
The next Halo game will require no less than a 130-inch, 4K arcade cabinet
Four-player Halo: Fireteam Raven coming "this summer," is series' first arcade title.
All of Mugshots.com’s alleged co-owners arrested on extortion charges
Mugshots.com is a "business permeated with fraud," California AG says.
Website leaked real-time location of most US cell phones to almost anyone
Easily found bug in free demo let visitors track phones from four top US carriers.
We went to drive the new Ford Mustang—but a tornado messed things up
We went to test out the new Performance Pack 2 option, but Mother Nature intervened.
Black Ops 4 ditches single-player campaign, adds battle royale mode
Move highlights an industry-wide shift to never-ending online competitions.
As the Web moves toward HTTPS by default, Chrome will remove “secure” indicator
The browser is changing to flag the things that are dangerous, not the ones that are safe.
Dealmaster: Get a 15-inch Asus laptop with an 8th-gen Core i5 for $479
Plus deals on the Apple Watch, gaming PCs, mesh Wi-Fi routers, and more.
Energy jobs reports say solar dominates coal, but wind is the real winner
Latest report offers a look at how the last year of policy has affected energy jobs.
FDA has named names of pharma companies blocking cheaper generics [Updated]
Commissioner Gottlieb hopes the list will discourage bad behavior.
With Steam Link app, your smartphone can be an imperfect gaming monitor
If you have a 5GHz router, your mobile device can be a secondary gaming PC.
ISPs and Ajit Pai are really sad about Senate’s vote for net neutrality
After Senate vote to maintain net neutrality, broadband lobby steps up opposition.
New YouTube Music Premium costs $9.99 monthly, add $2 to get all Red perks
Google attempts to consolidate its many music services into three clear offerings.
New study quantifies bitcoin’s ludicrous energy consumption
Bitcoin could consume 7.7 gigawatts by the end of 2018.
Deadpool 2 review: Not better, but still enough bloody fun for series fans
DP2 will still make series fans howl—but this could've been better, and the film knows it.