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Updated 2018-12-16 08:16
Widely used open source software contained bitcoin-stealing backdoor
Malicious code that crept into event-stream JavaScript library went undetected for weeks.
How the falling cost of solar panels can teach us to make new tech affordable
Module efficiency was the first cost saver, economies of scale were the second.
Reports out of China suggest first human gene-edited babies have been born
CRISPR technology supposedly used to edit gene associated with HIV resistance.
NASA does it again by landing safely on Mars—something no one else has done
Red-shirt clad engineers broke into cheers as InSight touched down.
GM axes Volt, Cruze, and Impala for North America in cost-cutting move
GM is cutting jobs and car models despite earning healthy profits.
Dealmaster: The Cyber Monday 2018 tech deals that are worth your time [Updated]
Now with deals on Apple's 15-inch MacBook Pro, Nintendo Switch gear, and more.
Nintendo joins the limited-mobility club with Xbox Adaptive Controller (unofficially)
Wired, third-party adapter required; some motion-control games are off the table.
Latest Windows 10 update breaks Windows Media Player, Win32 apps in general
The Windows 10 October 2018 Update bugs keep on coming.
Comcast raises cable TV bills again—even if you’re under contract
Broadcast TV fee goes from $8 to $10, sports fee rises from $6.50 to $8.25.
US tries to bury report on climate change’s dire health, economic impacts
Release schedule changed at the last minute.
Hybrid theory: Lockheed Martin, Boeing pitch upgraded F-22, F-15
An F-22 with F-35 tech and a super-powered F-15 Eagle? Air Force isn't interested yet.
Nintendo struggles to contain massive Smash Bros. Ultimate leaks
Data miners trawl through early pirated copies for tons of hidden info.
We have food safety laws thanks to 19th century “poison squad”
Ars chats with author Deborah Blum about her new book, The Poison Squad.
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Sick ants stay away from the kids
They stay out, at work, to protect everyone in the nest from infection.
Dealmaster: A PS4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 for $199 may be the best deal of Cyber Monday [Updated]
Plus an extra controller. Still no major discounts on the game alone, though.
Here’s how NASA will attempt to land on the red planet Monday
"Certainly, there are always a number of things that could go wrong."
Natural gas firms have a proposal to convert home heating to hydrogen
Three companies want to test out a pilot project in Northern England by 2028.
Collating memories of what happened based on where it happened
Rats keep track of a position in two different ways.
EPA reconsidering biofuel targets after production goals are missed
Balance between refiners' interests and corn states' interests has been delicate.
How I changed the law with a GitHub pull request
Washington DC has made GitHub the authoritative digital source for DC laws.
Observations and lessons from two decades of writing about video games
Excerpt: In The Game Beat, Ars' Kyle Orland takes us behind the scenes of games journalism.
The Journal of Controversial Ideas—academic freedom sans responsibility is reckless
The academic community is worse off without intellectual conversation.
Medieval dental plaque sheds light on how our microbiomes have changed
If you don't brush your teeth, future archaeologists will know everything about you.
New wearable tech lets users listen to live music through their skin
It's inspired by deaf fans of live concerts to help them "feel" the music.
First encounter: COMPUTE! magazine and its glorious, tedious type-in code
As a kid, I had huge amounts of free time. Here's how I spent it.
An intermediary between qubits provides basis for control and scaling
Linking qubits via an intermediary protects quantum information for longer.
Challenge to EPA’s fuel economy rollback can move ahead, court says
Challenge to former Administrator Scott Pruitt's "Final Determination" will be heard.
DNA data from Africans reveals sequences that we’d missed
One reference genome doesn't capture the huge variation in human DNA.
Six people swallowed LEGOs and pored through their own poo for science
It takes about two days, or 41 hours, for LEGOs to pass through the body. Science!
How I went from testing a fancy new graphics card to shouting at Windows 10
Sometimes, technology is not wonderful.
Camera traps designed for animals are now invading human privacy
Camera traps may capture, ahem, private moments in nature and anger local communities.
Bloodhound SSC: How do you build a car capable of 1,000mph?
From the archives: Rockets and jets power a land speed record quest/STEM outreach project.
Newly elected Republican senator could be Google’s fiercest critic
There's growing appetite among Republicans for regulating big tech companies.
Arkham Horror Third Edition: The classic Lovecraft adventure returns
Let Deep Ones and arcane cultists spice up your board gaming.
Dealmaster: All the best Black Friday 2018 deals happening right now [Updated]
Latest update includes deals on latest iPad Pro, Logitech peripherals, and more.
Some promising news for kids with peanut allergies
Desensitization trial shows success, but don’t try this at home
Physics can explain the fastball’s unexpected twist, new study finds
Pitches vary as a result of different spin speed, spin axis, ball orientation.
Dealmaster: The best Black Friday 2018 gaming deals we can find [Updated]
Black Friday means a smorgasbord of gaming deals, so we're rounding up the best.
Repowering the UK’s oldest wind farms could boost energy generation by 171%
Many UK wind farms are starting to reach the end of their permission period.
From efficiency to airflow, it’s a golden age for racing tech in our driveways
Racing tests engineers as well as their designs.
How do you preserve beloved New Orleans folk art? A Web font, of course
If you've been to the Crescent City, chances are you've seen Lester Carey's work.
Study: Over 20 years, Silicon Valley workers’ median wage has fallen by 14%
Prof: "The returns to capital are significantly outpacing the returns to labor."
Mac mini review—a testament to Apple’s stubbornness
Four years in the making, is the Mac mini finally worth buying?
Surprise! Disney drops first trailer for “live action” film The Lion King
The trailer unexpectedly aired during the Cowboys/Redskins football game.
NASA closes call for small payloads to study the surface of the Moon
Satellites and rockets are getting smaller. Why not rovers, too?
Kobo Forma review: A formidable opponent for Amazon’s Kindle Oasis
The $279 e-reader covers all the basics plus extra perks that Kindles don't have.
Store-bought is not enough: My first hard cider homebrew
From the archives: If you enjoy beer and cider so much, might as well roll your own.
Guidemaster: Want an Alexa device? Here’s every Amazon Echo, compared
Like last year, Ars has everything you need to know before buying any Echo device tomorrow.