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Updated 2018-03-22 17:30
Dealmaster: Get a DJI Mavic Pro drone for $769, the lowest we’ve seen it
Plus deals on an HP desktop with 32GB of RAM, Dell laptops, Kindles, and 4K TVs.
Lost in Space is back, robot and everything, in new Netflix series trailer
The series is still family-focused, but it looks a little more grounded.
Like a hot hatch on steroids: The Porsche Macan GTS reviewed
Porsche goes its own way with this midsized SUV, and it works.
Ars Pro: Now free of tracking scripts for subscribers
You can have a better experience on Ars for just $25 per year.
What’s Uber and Lyft drivers’ median hourly wage? $10 or lower, report finds
After expenses, a large portion of drivers earn less than minimum wage.
Behind the lens at SpaceX’s historic Falcon Heavy launch
Take a peek into the launch day notebook of a pro rocket photographer for a few tips.
New study tracks the evolution of stone tools
Over 2.6 million years, humans got more efficient at making stone tools.
Facebook survey: Should we let men ask 14-year-old girls for sexual pictures?
“This content should be allowed on Facebook” was an option for something beyond illegal.
Chrome on Windows ditches Microsoft’s compiler, now uses Clang
Step 1: First, make Clang support Windows.
Trump to meet with game industry Thursday over gun violence [Updated]
ESA says it will go to the White House later this week.
LTE security flaws could be used for spying, spreading chaos
A flight of new research papers show 4G LTE networks can be exploited for all sorts of badness.
Microsoft is testing Cortana in Outlook on iOS and Android
A new feature would allow Cortana to read you your emails during your commute.
US service provider survives the biggest recorded DDoS in history
Nearly 100,000 memcached servers are imperiling the stability of the Internet.
Angry Coinbase users sue over claimed security failings, insider trading
In one case, man called what he thought was Coinbase's customer support—it wasn't.
Ajit Pai’s supporters say he’s gone too far with plan that hurts poor people
Pai takes heat from all sides over plan to evict resellers from Lifeline program.
Shkreli must forfeit $7.36M in assets, including Wu-Tang album and Picasso
The judge didn’t buy Shkreli’s argument that he didn’t profit from the fraud.
911 recordings reveal Apple’s problem of employees walking into walls
Apple was warned by a city official about the danger of employees walking into walls.
Brain-damaging “health attacks” spur US to permanently cut Cuba embassy staff
The move was out of concern for "health, safety, and well-being" of US employees.
Oculus Rift is now the most popular VR headset on Steam
But PC gaming's most popular platform still has a relatively tiny VR userbase.
Report: Apple is making its own high-end noise-cancelling headphones
They could launch this year but have faced development issues, per Bloomberg.
Our dive into the shops and cosplay of Emerald City Comic Con
Spaceballs characters, awesome art, ancient D&D modules, and everything in between.
InfoWars’ conspiracy theories have advertisers ditching YouTube channels
Even YouTube's existing advertiser tools didn't prevent this from happening.
Why the roots of patent trolling may be in the patent office
Trolls love patents from examiners who are “lenient” about patent vetting.
Interior Dept. wants to lower royalties that offshore oil, coal companies pay
12.5% royalty paid back to public is the lowest rate allowed by law.
The Falcon 9 rocket may reach 50 launches on Tuesday
Company will reach the half-century mark fairly quickly for an orbital rocket.
He’s not just saying he feels her pain—he really is
When couples hold hands and one is in pain, their brain waves synchronize.
Scotland’s floating wind farm is showing how powerful offshore wind can be
The turbines withstood some serious gusts.
Is it time to take the Hyperloop seriously?
"Starting from a movement, Hyperloop has become an industry.” Can it be real transit next?
Some species could survive ocean acidification by leaning on neighbors
Experiments with tiny ecosystems counteract some effects seen in lab tests.
Clicker Heroes maker compares new lawsuit from “patent troll” to extortion
“It’s as if someone walked into my home with a knife and asked me for $35,000.”
Do we really need another Star Warswargame? Yes, and this is it
Break out the super-glue and the model paint.
Ethereum fixes serious “eclipse” flaw that could be exploited by any kid
Hole made it possible to trick users into double spending and hack smart contracts.
Bitcoin thirst spurs Icelandic heist—“Grand theft on a scale unseen before”
"Everything points to this being a highly organized crime," Iceland police say.
To one-up Slack, Google invites workers to hangout, chat in “Hangouts Chat”
The service will be part of all G Suite pricing tiers.
The hunt for cheaper GPUs is turning up some unexpected bargains
Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Lamar Smith says Russian bots are trying to cripple US energy production
Russian bots stirred pipeline trouble. Was it sowing divisions or targeting energy?
During NRA conventions, gun injuries drop 20% nationwide—63% in hosting state
Researchers say it shoots holes in the argument that untrained users cause accidents.
Charter appeals court loss, still claims it can’t be punished for slow speeds
New York AG alleges that Charter promised speeds it knew it couldn't deliver.
Major nor’easter whacking East Coast for the second time in two months
"Pretty much everyone on the plane threw up."
New Lego pieces: Still hard on your feet, but easier on the planet
Standard bricks still made of oil-based plastic; company has 2030 goal for those.
How could Ice Age tundra feed a mammoth?
A simulation shows that large metabolisms were efficient enough for the tundra.
After Thursday’s launch, we can now eye storms in HD from New Zealand to Africa
The GOES-R series of satellites scan the planet five times faster than previous ones.
Ajit Pai won’t get his gun—FCC chair rejects NRA award after ethics review
NRA honored Pai for killing net neutrality, tried to give him handmade long gun.
Code reveals Instagram may be close to launching voice, video chat features
Piling on the features to keep users coming back for more.
Review: Buick aims high, falls short with $60,000 Enclave Avenir
And an actual teen tests GM's Teen Driver tech in Buick's latest crossover/SUV.
Twitter CEO wants to study platform’s “health,” but is he ignoring the cancer?
Anedcotal data makes us wonder when a terrifying Twitter botnet will take over.
Hackers exploiting rTorrent to install Unix coin miner have netted $4k so far
Ongoing attacks give complete control and require no user interaction.
Ex-Google recruiter: I was fired because I resisted “illegal” diversity efforts
Google vows to defend lawsuit, says it hires “candidates based on their merit.”
Dealmaster: Breaking down the Galaxy S9’s pre-order situation
We sort out the carrier-induced mess for the biggest phone so far in 2018.
Putin boasts new strategic weapons will make US missile defense “useless”
Nuke-powered cruise missile and torpedo, hypersonic missiles counter US ballistic missile defense.