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Updated 2018-09-24 23:15
HDR10+ is coming to new Samsung and Panasonic TVs, but good luck finding content
The new format promises high quality but without Dolby Vision's extra cost.
Review: Yakuza Kiwami 2 gets cleaned up for PS4
Even one of the Yakuza series’ lowest points is still worth your time.
Researchers ID genes that could make you more likely to try cannabis
Effects are tiny, also linked to risk taking and openness to experience.
Social science has a complicated, infinitely tricky replication crisis
And researchers are surprisingly good at predicting the failures and successes.
China’s refusal to share virus is “scandalous… many could die needlessly”
The samples are critical for researchers to develop vaccines and treatments.
Dealmaster: Get a pair of Apple AirPods for $129
Plus deals on Amazon's Fire HD 8 tablet, Dell laptops, LG OLED TVs, and more.
Researchers find way to spy on remote screens—through the webcam mic
Remote audio plus machine learning equals rudimentary remote screen viewing.
Alleged Facebook scammer arrested in Ecuador, will resist extradition
Paul Ceglia claims CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised him half of Facebook years ago.
AMD’s next-gen CPUs, GPUs will all be built on TSMC’s 7nm process
GloFo, the company spun off from AMD, is no longer the company's fab of choice.
Switch checks off its indie-game wishlist with Into the Breach, Towerfall
Wasteland 2, Bastion, Transistor, Hyper Light Drifter join the Switch-port frenzy.
After court order, 3D-printed gun pioneer now sells pay-what-you-want CAD files
Defense Distributed's Wilson: "I’m happy to become iTunes of 3D guns if I can’t be Napster."
Robocalls tell seniors net neutrality raises phone bills by $30 [Updated]
Robocalls spread misinformation to seniors as California votes on net neutrality.
Trump says he will “address” Google’s “suppressing” of conservative news [Updated]
"They are controlling what we can & cannot see."
Preacher ends third season with a pop, not a bang
The season 3 finale resolved key storylines and set the stage for a possible season 4.
Uber, Toyota sign $500M deal to put self-driving tech into Sienna minivans
Uber pulled its own AVs off the road months ago; it's now trying to work with others.
There’s no risk-free amount of alcohol, population-level study finds
Populations would be better off drinking less, but individual risks can still be small.
Cyberpunk 2077’s hour-long, gun-filled E3 gameplay reveal has gone live
CD Projekt Red's futuristic take on violence, choices, and faces crammed full of LEDs.
No lasers or Linux hacks, but Better Call Saul remains one of TV’s techiest shows
Video: If you don't already know Saul has savants off-camera, let its VFX team demonstrate.
Fortnite’s Android vulnerability leads to Google/Epic Games spat
Fortnite on Samsung phones was vulnerable to a man-in-the-disk attack.
Judge allows temporary ban on 3D-printed gun files to continue
Seattle federal judge brushes aside "cybernaut with a BitTorrent protocol."
Donut County lets you become one with nothingness
My life as a hole.
Verizon throttling could trigger FTC investigation of deceptive practices
Since FCC abandoned net neutrality, Democrats say FTC must probe Verizon.
For the first time in 50 years, a NASA astronaut candidate has resigned
Robb Kulin is leaving the agency for "personal reasons."
“Xbox All Access” offers free hardware up front with two-year subscription [Updated]
Mobile-style plan offers subsidized system with Xbox Live/Games Pass agreement.
In 2017, four US states generated more than 30% of their electricity from wind
The cost of wind power contracts has fallen to $20 per megawatt-hour since 2009.
All three iPhones coming this fall will reportedly have edge-to-edge displays
Apple hopes to entice new users with more price and color options.
The adventures of lab ED011—“Nobody would be able to duplicate what happened there”
One Romanian campus computer lab both pentested the world and eventually helped protect it.
Mass shooting at Florida Madden tournament leaves multiple casualties [Updated]
Police say a single suspect is among the dead, area has been cleared.
WireGuard VPN review: A new type of VPN offers serious advantages
Fewer lines of code, simpler setup, and better algorithms make a strong case.
What happens when climate change meets the courts?
A detailed review explores trends in climate change litigation.
Thousands of Uber drivers set to get $75, before lawyers’ fees, in settlement
Dulberg v. Uber, filed in 2017, argued that drivers weren't paid properly.
Running Windows 95 in an “app” is a dumb stunt that makes a good point
Software piracy remains an important part of preserving our digital heritage.
Swirling your wine is not pretentious; it’s just good physics
Swirling a glass of wine produces a rotating wave; swirling beer foam reverses rotation.
Analysis: Why Elon Musk abandoned his plan to take Tesla private
Elon Musk's go-private plan faced serious obstacles.
Play a Disney villain in new Villainous board game
Embrace your inner Prince John... or Ursula... or Jafar.
Harvey: This is probably the worst US flood storm ever; I’ll never be the same
From the archives: The fourth largest US city, Houston, changed forever one year ago.
Searching: You’ve never seen Windows XP and load screens like this
Ars chats up co-writers Aneesh Chaganty and Sev Ohanian as this John Cho-led thriller debuts.
CEO Elon Musk: Tesla will remain a public company
"There is… no proven path for most retail investors to own shares if we were private.”
Scientists look to music of volcanos to better monitor eruptions
Scientists are mapping the infrasonic mutterings of volcanoes like Cotopaxi and Kilauea.
Verizon tries to douse criticism, touts “priority access” for first responders
Firefighters don't like their mobile hotspots slowed to a "dial-up modem from 1995."
After Trump announces new rules to save coal, TVA ponders shutting 2 coal units
Two of six coal plants run by Tennessee Valley Authority will undergo review.
Examining why Switch games cost more than their PC counterparts
Downloadable Switch versions cost just over 10 percent more on average versus Steam.
Verizon stops throttling more firefighters, plans unlimited data “with no caps”
Verizon makes changes after throttling Santa Clara firefighters during wildfire.
Massive recall of homeopathic kids’ products spotlights dubious health claims
When they’re not potentially infectious, they have extraordinary health claims.
Want a zero-emissions classic Jaguar? It’s available from 2020
The E-Type Zero concept from last year will be available from 2020.
Tiny magnets will escort ions out of rare material from a shipwreck
Nanoparticles will remove damaging chemicals from the 16th-century warship Mary Rose.
Working on this Singer 911 restoration “turns” Williams F1 engineers
The 500hp air-cooled 911 is 600 pounds lighter than when it left Porsche's factory.
Is a hot climate or a dry climate key for forest fire risk?
Rain, snow, and temperature all play a role, but which dominates?
Self-driving cars will destroy a lot of jobs—they’ll also create a lot
Waymo's taxi service won't need many drivers but will need plenty of other workers.
Rocket Report: Vega soars, Delta 2 end nears, hearing a Falcon Heavy launch
Want to listen to the world's most powerful rocket launch? Get your headphones ready.