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Updated 2018-03-22 17:00
AT&T describes post-net neutrality plans for paid prioritization
"AT&T is not interested in creating fast lanes and slow lanes," ISP claims.
Sexting is on the rise among teens: ~27% get nudes, other racy messages
But researchers found no gender differences in sending and receiving rates.
ESRB defends “fun” loot boxes as it starts labeling all “in-game purchases” [Updated]
New label doesn't specifically call out loot boxes to avoid "overwhelming" parents.
The Ionic Adidas Edition is Fitbit’s answer to the Apple Watch Nike+
The $329 wearable gives users exclusive watch faces, bands, and guided workouts.
Google starts a push for cross-platform app development with Flutter SDK
As Flutter hits beta 1, Google revs up promotion efforts for a new way to make apps.
California now allows driverless cars without a human behind the wheel
Companies must have "remote control" and a "law enforcement interaction plan."
Into the Breach review: Starship Troopers meets chess in a tactics masterpiece
“FTL’s spiritual successor” undersells just how good and deep this game is.
Galaxy S9 hands-on—Samsung fixes the biggest flaw of the Galaxy S8
Also: We made an AR Emoji that will forever haunt our nightmares!
Ad network uses advanced malware technique to conceal CPU-draining mining ads
Domain generation algorithm allows scripts to bypass ad blockers.
Dear Mr. Allen, please let your big bird take flight soon. Signed, everyone
The Stratolaunch vehicle has a wingspan of 117 meters.
Russia accused of “false flag” attack on Olympic opening
Routing hacks, bits of code used to throw off attribution trail.
AT&T loses years-long quest to cripple FTC authority over telecoms
Unlimited data throttling case is back on after FTC wins major ruling.
Your Apple iCloud data is now stored on Google servers—surprised?
Apple also stores data with Amazon S3.
Coinbase: We will send data on 13,000 users to IRS
Bitcoin startup says if concerned, “seek legal advice from an attorney promptly.”
FCC Republican faces ethics complaint after calling for Trump’s re-election
Pai and O'Rielly both face ethics questions after appearances at CPAC.
Wastewater injections set off a Kansas earthquake binge
The good news is that state rules are already having an effect.
Facebook apologizes over “Bullet Train” VR demo at right-wing conference
Facebook exec says demo scuttled "out of respect" for recent shooting victims.
Apple to suspend iTunes Store support for “obsolete” first-gen Apple TV
Security changes will also affect Windows XP and Vista machines running iTunes.
The race to space heats up—on college campuses
One proposed rocket will have the capacity to lift 5kg to an altitude of 110km.
Microsoft brings its quantum dev kit to macOS, Linux; new kind of qubit this year
The quantum simulator is 4-5 times faster, too.
Vulkan is coming to macOS and iOS, but no thanks to Apple
Early signs are that performance is much better than Apple's awful OpenGL stack.
Coco isn’t just a must-own 4K/HDR film—it’s a bright sign of the format’s future
Coco's coolest visual tweaks could mean good news for future 4K Blu-ray releases.
How did life begin? It’s Chemistry 101, but in space
Better access to chemistry from space keeps changing how we understand life.
Coal CEO’s defamation lawsuit against John Oliver is dismissed
Murray Energy says it will appeal the decision.
Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is official with a dual aperture camera and AR Emojis
The S9 ships with a Snapdragon 845, a new camera, and AR Emoji.
The stunning new Volvo V60 proves Sweden still knows station wagons
The mid-size station wagon will be the centerpiece of the Volvo lineup.
The state of iOS game development, according to the creators of Alto’s Odyssey
From Metal to differences with Android, Ryan Cash and Eli Cymet talk shop.
Nokia’s latest nostalgia-bait feature phone is the 8110 “Banana Phone”
Nokia revives the 8110, the phone made famous in The Matrix.
Ancient DNA rules out archeologists’ best bet for horse domestication
Ancient genome analysis leaves horse ancestry as one giant question mark
The meatless Impossible Burger bleeds and sears, but wasn’t a crowd pleaser
The reviews were mixed, but mostly we weren’t impressed.
Can you build an entire town off-the-grid? Babcock Ranch wants to find out
A trip to Babcock Ranch, a "living laboratory" that may be the town of the future.
Developer gets prison after admitting backdoor was made for malice
Full-featured trojan catered to password thieves, Peeping Toms, and ransomware scammers.
Huawei’s answer to laptop privacy: A keyboard with a pop-up webcam
The Matebook X Pro laptop takes a unique approach to webcam placement.
What happened after the US moved to chip-embedded payment cards?
Card-Not-Present fraud is still a problem, however.
AI trained to spot heart disease risks using retina scan
The blood vessels in the eye reflect the state of the whole circulatory system.
Silicon Valley pub that helped birth PC industry to close because of high rent
The Oasis Beer Garden will serve its final pizza and pour its last pint on March 7.
Annihilation is a gorgeous movie that went terribly wrong
This is what happens when you combine great actors with an incoherent plot.
XPS 13 2018 review: Dell’s improvements propel this laptop forward
The XPS 13 laptop isn't stale anymore, but it still forces a few compromises.
Science after hours: Barney’s aquatic traits and how pregnant women stay upright
At this annual science conference, even humor has thorough research methods behind it.
A battle between the sexes in a single gene
Male and female fruit flies both need one gene, but they need it to do different things.
NRA gives Ajit Pai “courage award” and gun for “saving the Internet”
Killing net neutrality helps Pai win award for "standing up under pressure."
FBI warns taxpayers to beware of new scams to steal W-2 info
Taxpayers could be especially vulnerable this year.
Feds have spent 13 years failing to verify whether passport data is legit
Data is read off e-passports, but CBP lacks software to verify digital signatures.
Can gaming’s own “academy awards” become a cultural event?
Academy president says attracting the "wider gamer audience" isn't a priority.
Tesla’s new “workplace charging” program would corner office parking spots
Apartment dwellers are an untapped market for EVs. Creative solutions are needed.
Dealmaster: Get a Dell desktop PC with an 8th-gen Core i5 and GTX 1060 for $650
Plus deals on PlayStation VR, Roku TVs, SSDs, wireless charging pads, and more.
Find out if your password has been pwned—without sending it to a server
1Password uses first five characters of a hash to compare passwords to breaches.
How Manafort’s inability to convert a PDF file to Word helped prosecutors
Former Trump campaign manager allegedly emailed doctored docs to his assistant.
There’s something strange going on amid the satellite Internet rush
Greg Wyler, the founder of OneWeb, starts a second company to compete with himself.
Google’s ARCore hits version 1.0, brings augmented reality to 100 million devices
Flagship smartphones from Google, Samsung, OnePlus, and LG are now compatible.