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Updated 2018-09-24 23:15
Mystery of the cargo ships that sink when their cargo suddenly liquefies
A lot is known about the physics of the liquefaction, yet it's still causing ships to sink.
The secret to successful BBQ pork butt and brisket is science
How to beat the infamous "stall" and other tricks of experienced pit masters
My kid and I wrote a letter to NASA, and a very nice scientist wrote back
Not only did NASA's David Williams reply, but he drew some awesome diagrams of Europa.
PAX hands-on: Retro sequels Streets of Rage 4, Windjammers 2 take us back to ‘94
Behind-closed-doors demo sees two huge 2D returns to '90s arcade halls.
$600 Chromebooks are a dangerous development for Microsoft
Chrome OS is set to expand beyond the education market.
Kin: If you can’t pick your family, hopefully you can find space weapons
The plot? Well, there's a poor kid, a destructive bro... plus future soldiers and rayguns.
Calif. Senate approves net neutrality rules, sends bill to governor
Governor has until September 30 to sign net neutrality bill into law.
Lead in US school water “disturbing”—Detroit just shut off all fountains
Most schools don’t test their water, but a big chunk of those that do find lead.
EU Commission President supports ending seasonal time changes
Europe is one step closer to stopping time changes.
Exclusive: Valve walks us through Artifact’s new demo, leaves us wanting more
Video: We talk to Richard Garfield (of Magic fame) and examine Artifact's first public demo.
Boeing wins bid to build the Navy’s carrier-launched tanker drone
Four MQ-25 “Stingray” prototypes will set course for active carrier drones by 2024.
Medieval artisans built a glass-walled palace in the desert
New analysis of glass from Samarra reveals local manufacturing and long-range trade.
Fertility doc inseminated dozens of women with own sperm, DNA sites find
Dr. Donald Cline, retired, surrendered his license but isn’t facing criminal charges.
“Gold standard” state net neutrality bill approved by California Assembly
State Senate must act on net neutrality today before heading into recess.
This city has a vision for mass transit that doesn’t involve city buses
Arlington, Texas, is developing a transit system based on ride-hailing shuttles.
Rocket Report: Exos flies, China sets launch record, new Falcon Heavy data
"No one in T or C is going to space anytime soon."
Scientists found brain’s internal clock that influences how we perceive time
A chocoholic rat named Marco helped scientists find special brain cell network.
Senator to FTC: You guys really should look at Google one more time
Meanwhile, President Trump claims Google, other firms are "unfair" to conservatives.
Researchers show Alexa “skill squatting” could hijack voice commands
Homophones and mistakes in voice processing could be used to phish Echo users, research finds.
Apple announces September 12 event, and new iPhones are likely
A plethora of rumored devices means we could see more than just new iPhones.
Dealmaster: Get a Dell desktop with a Core i7 and 16GB of RAM for $700 [Updated]
Plus deals on Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3, Kindle Paperwhite, and more.
Lenovo ditches halo keyboard for E-ink slab in new $999 Yoga Book
Upgraded design and specs make the new Yoga Book much more expensive than the first.
Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Extreme: Hex-core, GTX 1050 Ti, 64GB RAM under 4 pounds
The first 15-inch X1 has us drooling.
Lenovo’s new Yoga C930 hides a sound bar in its hinge, a stylus in its corner
Plus, the new Yoga S730 is a $999 Windows laptop with MacBook-esque style.
Lenovo pushes Chromebooks upmarket with the Yoga Chromebook
Lenovo sees a market for better-designed premium Chromebooks.
T-Mobile/Sprint merger will bring higher prices, small carriers tell FCC
Sprint is the only big carrier offering decent roaming prices, trade groups say.
This is your brain on air pollution
Huge Chinese survey shows test scores dip where air is dirtiest.
Data vandal changes name of New York City to “Jewtropolis” across multiple apps [Updated]
20-day old change, long corrected by OpenStreetMap, was pushed out via Mapbox.
LEGO built a drivable Bugatti Chiron out of a million pieces of Technic
It's the first-ever life-size drivable car made purely from the plastic bricks.
400mph, 50 feet up—what it takes to race and win world’s fastest motorsport
It took just one moment for this pilot to realize he should be racing airplanes.
Blackmagic external GPU review: A very Apple graphics solution
It's quiet, it's cool, and it's not upgradeable.
Ever wanted to see “beyond” the NES game screen? With WideNES, you can
PPU mapping algorithm automatically tracks the game world as you play.
Garmin’s Vivosmart 4 combines pulse-ox and a week of battery life for $129
Its new Body Battery feature tells you when it's the best time to work out, too.
Governor’s desk last stop to California pledging 100% carbon-free energy by 2045
Gov. Jerry Brown is expected to approve one of the most aggressive climate regs. thus far.
FBI refutes Trump claim that Clinton’s private email server was hacked by China
After Trump says China "hacked" Clinton's server, FBI says no evidence suggests that.
Texas lawmakers press NASA to base lunar lander program in Houston
Decision will test the political clout of Texans in Congress.
Wandering Bose-Einstein condensate may lead to scalable quantum computer
Quantum solutions may be obtained from beautiful pictures of interfering BECs.
Homeopathic co. expands recall as FDA warns of “life-threatening” infections
FDA found big problems, but King Bio says recall is “out of an abundance of caution.”
Amazon may make a free, ad-supported streaming service for Fire TVs
It could offer old shows and movies for free, similar to The Roku Channel.
UK cops used facial recognition at show, found someone with outstanding warrant
During May 2018 event, South Wales Police false-positive rate went from 92% to 0.02%.
Implantable brain device could stop epileptic seizures in their tracks
The technology might one day also be used to treat brain tumors and Parkinson's disease.
FCC can define markets with only one ISP as “competitive,” court rules
The FCC can "choose which evidence to believe," court says.
Illinois governor vetoes bill meant to cripple rental car competition
The rental car industry is attempting to stop peer-to-peer car sharing.
Microsoft obliquely acknowledges Windows 0-day bug published on Twitter
Flaw allows a local user to obtain System privileges.
Nintendo shuts down tool used to build Pokémon fan games
Files for Pokémon Essentials taken down from community hub after DMCA request.
Ohio man is latest to be sentenced for millions in biofuel credit fraud
Man generated $47 million in fraudulent EPA credits and $12 million in tax credits.
Google’s huge Wear OS revamp makes the OS work more like Android
The focus is on actionable notifications, proactive information cards, and Google Fit.
Doctor Who’s Matt Smith joins Star Wars: Episode IX
Fans are (of course) already speculating about what character he will play.
Dell tempts Pixelbook lovers with premium $599 Inspiron Chromebook 14
The Inspiron 7000 and 5000 families get a bunch of premium updates as well.
Intel launches Whiskey and Amber Lakes: Kaby Lake with better Wi-Fi, USB
Intel upgrades the integrated chipset, but the rest of the processor is the same.