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Updated 2019-08-20 02:15
The Porsche Taycan electric car gets Apple Music, 3 years free data
Apple Music is integrated alongside more traditional media like broadcast radio.
Google Stadia exclusives push potential players to data centers [Updated]
Orcs Must Die 3 is the latest title that will require Internet streaming.
Kerbal Space Program 2 will take flight in 2020—here’s the first trailer
The game will feature multiplayer and planetary gravity-free building.
Review: Fight scenes are the only bright spot in grim, joyless Wu Assassins
Seriously, just fast-forward through all the silly plot holes and leaden dialogue.
Neanderthals suffered from a veritable epidemic of swimmer’s ear
Anthropologists still aren’t sure what the finding says about Neanderthal life.
How malformed packets caused CenturyLink’s 37-hour, nationwide outage
FCC blasts CenturyLink for December 2018 outage but issues no punishment.
85 Google Play apps with 8 million downloads forced fullscreen ads on users
Banished apps used clever tricks to avoid detection and removal.
Insomniac Games acquired by Sony, calls out “a special relationship”
Comes after formerly Sony-exclusive studio dabbled in multi-platform development.
Newt Gingrich proposes a $2 billion prize for a human Moon lander
Contest could spur outside investment in SpaceX and Blue Origin.
Report: United States will give Huawei another 90-day export license
US and Chinese governments are expected to talk things out this weekend.
Google Play Store’s blindingly white redesign starts rolling out
The all-white theme might actually be a good sign for dark mode lovers.
Ransomware strike takes down 23 Texas local government agencies
Data rustlers hit Texas local agencies in a coordinated ransomware strike.
They called you a troll, deal with it—court slaps down libel lawsuit
NH Supreme Court rules "patent troll" label is just, like, your opinion, man.
Vaping linked to 94 mysterious cases of severe lung disease in 14 states
In one case, a patient linked his disease to suspect THC oil he bought on the street.
Why one PC developer turned down the security of Epic’s exclusivity offer
And what the move says about the state of the Epic Games Store.
Mapmaker: The Gerrymandering game that puts the fun in undermining democracy
Creator of Mapmaker beats Ars, also wins the fight to teach folks about gerrymandering.
Guidemaster: Navigating the hazy world of gaming laptops in 2019
Without a one-size-fits-all answer to gaming laptops, we instead offer a lengthy primer.
After canceling one upgrade, Minecraft gets another—and it’s Nvidia RTX exclusive
News comes one week after official cancellation of free "Super Duper Graphics Pack."
What does Amazon’s “Top Brand” badge actually mean?
Yet another mysterious badge for Amazon shoppers to figure out.
I put myself through hell as an IPCC convening lead author, but it was worth it
A top climate scientist explains the masochism behind creating the IPCC climate reports.
New Attack exploiting serious Bluetooth weakness can intercept sensitive data
"KNOB" forces devices to use encryption keys that are trivial to break.
Wind power prices now lower than the cost of natural gas
In the US, it's cheaper to build and operate wind farms than buy fossil fuels.
Surprise! Uber and Lyft don’t like NYC’s new ride-hail rules
Regulations less than ideal for the companies as NYC is among their largest markets.
Google Drive will introduce long-asked-for file shortcuts feature
It's coming to G Suite in beta first, but may reach more users at a later date.
NASA chief alienates Senators needed to fund the Moon program
"I really think this is a great day for the Johnson Space Center. And I mean that."
Undead hordes rise from the sea in delightfully campy Zombie Tidal Wave
Director Anthony C. Ferrante discusses his ongoing collaboration with star Ian Ziering.
Check out the gory, cringy images the FDA wants to put on cigarettes
The proposed images may be challenged in court, but boy are they striking.
President Trump praises reusable rockets, omits Moon in space remarks
"It’s almost like, what are we watching? Is this fiction?"
Apple will unveil new iPhones on September 10, leak suggests
A leaked screenshot carries the date—but it was probably that day anyway.
Microsoft bucks trend, maintains contractor reviews of voice recording
It's in the same situation, but Microsoft is taking a different path on voice privacy.
Disney fights streaming account sharing with help from cable industry
Deal with Charter aims to stop account sharing on Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+.
Dealmaster: iPads, Pixel phones, routers, and more in today’s top tech deals
Plus more discounts on dash cams, chargers, and noise-cancelling headphones.
Bungie says current Destiny 2 development is “unsustainable”
Pace of new content "was starting to wear people down" on development team.
Huawei’s futuristic foldable smartphone gets delayed for a second time
Like Samsung, Huawei can't ship a foldable smartphone on time either.
Turning the Nintendo Switch into Android’s best gaming hardware
You got your Google OS in my Nintendo hardware!
A look at the Windows 10 exploit Google Zero disclosed this week
This privilege escalation vulnerability has lurked within Windows for 20 years.
Archaeologists discovered an invaluable cache of ritual artifacts at Pompeii
The various items may have belonged to a Roman sorceress.
Amazon unveils first batch of casting for The Wheel of Time adaptation
It's been a very long slog, but production is finally slated to begin this fall.
Woman accused of Capital One hack had stolen data from 30 companies, authorities say
Thompson threatened "suicide by cop" and to shoot up a Silicon Valley office.
British Airways testing VR headsets for first-class passengers this year
In-flight headsets are the latest sign that VR has much more to offer than gaming.
Evacuation of village near explosion of nuclear cruise-missile engine called off
Residents asked to leave town for a few hours while unspecified "activities" take place.
Jupiter may have had a head-on collision with a massive protoplanet
Explains the odd distribution of material found by the Juno orbiter.
Kylo Ren makes a cameo in trailer for Star Wars Resistance season two
Second season will be the last—the shortest run of all Star Wars animated series.
Found: World-readable database used to secure buildings around the globe
23-gigabyte database had plain-text passwords, face images, and much more.
Warren: FTC’s $125 cash option in Equifax settlement “misled” customers
If the settlement didn't have enough funds to pay out, why promote the option?
FAA tells airlines MacBook Pros with defective batteries can’t fly
MacBook Pros subject to Apple's June recall are banned from US flights.
AT&T and T-Mobile fight Caller ID spoofing with number verification system
Carriers verify Caller ID for calls made between their two networks.
People are still drinking bleach—and vomiting and pooping their guts out
The “Church of Bleach” is still strong, despite years of warnings.
These bats can use leaves as “sound mirrors” for better navigation
Approaching prey from optimal angle (42 to 78 degrees) produces strongest echoes.
Microsoft: Cloud gaming is “inevitable” but “years” from mainstream
"I don't think anybody should tell you that there's no lag."