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Updated 2017-11-24 07:00
Dealmaster: All the Black Friday tech deals we can find [Updated]
Here's our rolling master list of Black Friday's noteworthy tech deals.
Elon Musk wins bet, finishing massive battery installation in 100 days
South Australia battery installation has 100 MW capacity, a world record.
Judge who once ruled against NSA metadata program tosses lawsuit
Lawyer who brought case the day after Snowden revelations vows to appeal.
Guidemaster: Want an Alexa device? Here’s every Amazon Echo, compared
Ars details everything you need to know before buying any Echo device.
Here’s how to emotionally manipulate your family with alcohol this holiday
Alcohol offers all the feels. But different drinks link to different moods, study finds.
Mug shots: How Ars Technica editors prefer to stay caffeinated
Whether coffee or tea, cocoa or Soylent, your mug reveals more than beverage choice.
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp impressions: Nintendo should be ashamed
Lots of good AC series content, but core experience is too low on free-to-play scale.
Uber hit with 2 lawsuits over gigantic 2016 data breach
“Uber knew or should have known its security systems were inadequate.”
When F2P goes wrong: NCSoft gave latest game five months before pulling plug
Refunds for some MxM players; in-game coins for all (which won’t matter by Jan. 31).
The PC BIOS will be killed off by 2020 as Intel plans move to pure UEFI
The ability to boot DOS and other legacy relics is going to disappear.
FCC explains why public support for net neutrality won’t stop repeal
Americans who support net neutrality find that their voices don’t count for much.
By year’s end, you’ll know if you liked a Kremlin-created Facebook page
"This tool will be available for use by the end of the year in the Facebook Help Center."
Review: Coco delivers Pixar’s best technical and emotional magic
A boy searches for music in the Land of the Dead in a plot twistier than a telenovela.
Belgium denounces loot boxes as gambling; Hawaiian legislator calls them “predatory”
Belgium decides that the combination of random rewards and pay-to-play is gambling.
Judge: EFF’s “Stupid Patent of the Month” clearly protected by Constitution
GEMSA, which has sued dozens of US tech firms, never responded to EFF's lawsuit.
Simple visual processing exercise is the first intervention to limit dementia
Speed training—but not memory or reasoning training—did the trick.
Net neutrality supporters plan nationwide protests on December 7
One site has enabled 180,000 calls to Congress in a single day.
Thirty years later, “Max Headroom” TV pirate remains at large
Whoever was behind 1987 Chicago "broadcast intrusion" is the D.B. Cooper of media hacking.
FCC stonewalled investigation of net neutrality comment fraud, NY AG says
Net neutrality fraudsters likely impersonated "hundreds of thousands" of people.
Decades later, Vietnam vets may be silently fighting cancer-causing parasite
VA pilot study suggests many have liver flukes that are linked to rare bile duct cancer.
Chasing ‘Oumuamua—unfortunately human technology isn’t up to the task
"Chemical propulsion just doesn’t close the case in this scenario."
Google Lens is coming to the Google Assistant in “the coming weeks”
It's still a Pixel exclusive, but Google will make Lens a lot easier to access.
New paper makes the case that Mars is dry
We're still not sure what's causing seasonal changes on some Martian slopes.
The McLaren Formula 1 team just hired the World’s Fastest Gamer
The F1 team wanted a new simulator driver. Now it has found one—through gaming.
Facebook (still) lets housing advertisers exclude users by race
ProPublica bought ads that excluded African-Americans, Spanish speakers, Muslims.
Aston Martin’s DB11 looks like a million bucks, only costs a quarter of that
I highly recommend picking one up, if you have the means.
HPE CEO Meg Whitman to step down in 2018 [Updated]
Whitman: “I’m incredibly proud of all we’ve accomplished since I joined HP in 2011.”
PC vendors scramble as Intel announces vulnerability in firmware
Millions of computers could be remotely hijacked through bug in firmware code.
Before Peter Thiel invested, research on herpes vaccine began in US hotel rooms
Latest revelation plunges dubious vaccine research further into scandal.
Hackers hit Uber in 2016: data on 57 million riders, drivers stolen
CEO: "You may be asking why we are just talking about this now, a year later."
British water utilities admit they use divining rods to find leaks
There’s no scientific evidence that the technique works better than chance.
DOJ names Iranian as hacker who stole unaired episodes from HBO
“Those hiding behind keyboards in countries far away—eventually, winter will come.”
Drugs that switch your brain into squirrel-mode may save you from a stroke
Hibernation and strokes affect brains similarly—and squirrels have cracked that nut.
FCC will also order states to scrap plans for their own net neutrality laws
Double win for ISPs: No more net neutrality, and state laws will be preempted.
Chinese students claim they worked illegal overtime making the iPhone X
Teens say a school made them intern at Foxconn, but Apple says it was voluntary.
Dealmaster: Get a PlayStation 4 for $200 and other early Black Friday deals
Plus deals on Lenovo laptops, Kindles, Amazon Fire tablets, and more.
With today’s launch of the OnePlus 5T, the OnePlus 5 is dead
OnePlus’ $500 wonder is on sale now.
Colorado fines Uber $8.9M for allowing dozens of unauthorized drivers
Colorado found many drivers with "suspended, revoked, or cancelled driver’s licenses."
New Windows search interface borrows heavily from macOS
The new interface takes regular searching out of Cortana's hands.
RIP net neutrality: FCC chair releases plan to deregulate ISPs
Vote to eliminate Title II net neutrality rules scheduled for December 14.
New hardware lets any computer run an interactive, 3D interface
Video: Box projects a 3D display, tracks your fingers as you interact with it.
There’s no good reason for the new PlayStation VR headset to exist
Modular design should allow for minor upgrades at a lower price.
Skype is the latest messaging app to disappear from Chinese app stores
Skype falls victim to China's strict cybersecurity laws and Internet regulations.
A new law gives Air Force some wiggle room in picking its new rockets
“I was really surprised to see that specific language."
Aston Martin reveals its all-new Vantage, a 503hp V8 sports car
The second car to use AM’s new bonded aluminum architecture is a focused sports car.
Apple formally asked to release Texas shooter’s iCloud data
Texas judge also signs off on search of shooter’s iPhone SE, LG dumbphone.
If you liked the Cambrian Explosion, you’ll love the Ordovician Radiation
Life went nuts 450 million years ago, when oxygen levels rose in the seas.
Trump administration files suit to block AT&T/Time Warner merger
$108 billion merger would raise TV bills and prices for AT&T rivals, DOJ said.
No, you’re not being paranoid. Sites really are watching your every move
Sites log your keystrokes and mouse movements in real time, before you click submit.
“You feel really stupid and you hope the CGI team makes you look good”
Video: 12 actors and 1 director told us how VFX changes the way they do their jobs.