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Updated 2019-12-07 22:15
Bernie Sanders vows to break up huge ISPs and regulate broadband prices
Sanders would regulate broadband as utility and spend $150 billion on networks.
The Aeronauts brings the joy and perils of Victorian ballooning to vivid life
Co-producer Todd Lieberman on the challenges of bringing this story to the silver screen
Review: Horrified is a terrific family-friendly monster-themed board game
Taking down Frankenstein's Monster and the Invisible Man... together.
No one knows why rocks are exploding from asteroid Bennu
NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft spotted the asteroid spitting out rocks.
Floor pavements in Pompeii illustrate surveying technology
Pompeii continues to reveal details of ancient Roman life.
Jury sides with Elon Musk in “pedo guy” defamation case
"I don't want to have anything to do with this," a juror said after the verdict.
On the day of a key test, Russia trolls Boeing’s Starliner mission
"And here is the hand of Moscow."
Hulu is finally offering 4K and 5.1 audio on Roku devices
Hulu already added 4K for some platforms, then removed it, then added it again.
Newly discovered Mac malware uses “fileless” technique to remain stealthy
In-memory infection makes it harder for end-point protection to detect it.
Halo Reach on PC is the customizable combat we’ve been wanting—but just barely
The good absolutely outweighs the bad in a $10 no-brainer for Halo fans on PC.
The “burp-talking” in Rick and Morty isn’t as meaningless as you might think
"Burp-talking" is just one example of the cartoon's rich array of nonword sounds.
Social media platforms leave 95% of reported fake accounts up, study finds
Fake accounts are easy to buy and make, and platforms are bad at yanking them.
Leading anti-vaxxer jailed as measles death toll rises to 63 in Samoa
He allegedly compared a mass vaccination campaign to a "killing spree."
Google Assistant gets a big note-taking revamp, with support for several apps
You can create and add to shopping lists in Google Keep, Any.do, AnyList, and Bring.
Dealmaster: Get holiday sales on Lenovo ThinkPads, board games, and more
Plus deals on Instant Pots, microSD cards, the Sega Genesis Mini, and more tech.
Some Stadia games cost more than their downloadable counterparts
Stadia's Darksiders Genesis' is 25% less on Steam, same price as coming console versions
Keybase moves to stop onslaught of spammers on encrypted message platform
Romance, drug, and blockchain scammers drawn to crypto-chat like flies to…
Guidemaster: The best tech that will make your home an even better place
In our latest holiday gift guide, we recommend good tech for around the house.
Rocket Report: Starship build sites shuffled, SLS “absolutely mandatory”
"Billions were stolen. Of course it deserves to be named Vladimir Putin."
The iPhone 11’s U1 chip necessitates constant geolocation checks, Apple says
Ultra-wideband is behind the latest iPhone privacy puzzler.
Here’s how much global carbon emission increased this year
Annual update shows a smaller increase in 2019 compared to last year.
The Motorola One Hyper brings a pop-up camera, all-screen design for $400
There's a 3.5mm headphone jack, no notches, and a MicroSD slot.
Kingpin of Evil Corp lived large. Now there’s a $5 million bounty on his head
Hammer falls on the cybercrime group behind Dridex, the most widespread malware ever.
DOL’s $400M pay-discrimination suit is unconstitutional, Oracle argues
The feds are calling 20+ witnesses in a case Oracle says is against federal law.
Google Fiber ends $50, 100Mbps plan, but 1Gbps is still $70 with no data cap
100Mbps no longer offered to new customers: Google Fiber is all gigabit.
Amazon’s inexpensive Eero mesh Wi-Fi kit is shockingly good
Eero's Wi-Fi is great—but its Alexa integration is truly horrible.
The full trailer for Disney’s live-action Mulan is here, and it’s breathtaking
"When they find out who you are, they will show you no mercy."
Radiolab co-host to depart podcast after 15 years
Robert Krulwich: "It dawned on me that I was no longer crucial to what was going on."
Huawei sues FCC to stop ban on Huawei gear in US-funded networks
Huawei lawsuit seeks to overturn ban on Huawei gear in FCC-funded networks.
The modders who spent 15 years fixing Knights of the Old Republic 2
From missing planets to missing romance options, players are restoring a classic.
White dwarf star covering itself with the atmosphere of a hot Neptune
First-of-its-kind system requires a rare combination of events.
On its second attempt, SpaceX sends Dragon soaring to the ISS [Updated]
The rocket's first stage made it safely back to Earth.
Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 865 is 25% faster, comes with mandatory 5G
The 5G modem still isn't integrated, but Qualcomm won't sell the 865 without one.
Unvaccinated Samoans should identify themselves with red flags, officials say
The outbreak has killed 60 so far, almost all young children.
The next Xbox is in the wild, connecting to current-gen Xbox One players
Specs haven't been finalized; for now, Spencer confirms back-compat pledge.
Star Trek writer and Hollywood trailblazer D.C. Fontana has died
Her career included numerous episodes, plus deep explorations of Vulcan society.
FCC tries to bury finding that Verizon and T-Mobile exaggerated 4G coverage
FCC buries investigation's finding in 5G press release, won't punish carriers.
BMW does about-face, drops CarPlay annual subscription requirement
BMW had previously charged $80 per year for BMW owners to use CarPlay.
Payment card-skimming malware targeting 4 sites found on Heroku cloud platform
Why host skimmers yourself when you can abuse a service to do it for free?
Study that argued EVs aren’t cleaner gets an update
Redo of 2017 study uses newer data on battery manufacturing.
Amazon’s new fantasy series, Wheel of Time, adds four more cast members
The bestselling Robert Jordan novels are as popular as A Song of Ice and Fire.
New Iranian wiper discovered in attacks on Middle Eastern companies
“ZeroCleare” wiper, descendant of Shamoon, found by IBM responders.
Qualcomm builds a bigger, better in-screen fingerprint reader
Never miss your fingerprint scanner again with this giant new sensor.
Attacking agricultural pests with viruses
The phages use a three-pronged strategy to cripple the agricultural pathogen.
AT&T says TV losses have peaked after latest loss of 1.3 million customers
DirecTV has lost millions of customers, but AT&T expects success in online video.
Radar reveals ghostly footprints at White Sands
The images also shed light on the mechanics of mammoth footsteps.
Senators want answers about algorithms that provide black patients less healthcare
Was the potential for bias considered in these literal life-or-death algorithms?
The next Bond film: No Time to Die mashes up Aston Martins, Gatling guns
Premiere trailer answers “why another Bond film” by looking like five films in one.
SpaceX set to launch NASA mission, make experimental second-stage flight
The mission may demonstrate a new capability to the Air Force.
HackerOne breach lets outside hacker read customers’ private bug reports
Company security analyst sent session cookie allowing account take-over.