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Updated 2017-04-23 08:00
Doctor Who review: Bill and the Timelord must grin and bear it in Smile
“There’s a giant smiley abattoir, and I’m having this childish impulse to blow it up.”
Review: Cry Havoc an intriguing sci-fi “dudes on a map” throwdown
A truly asymmetric sci-fi war game in which the natives fight back.
Study claims a link between diet sodas and stroke and dementia
Cohort study that doesn’t look at causation has some odd results.
The 2017 New York International Auto Show: best of the rest
The 840-hp Dodge Demon, Nissan GT-R Track Edition, Bugatti Chiron, and more.
Audi Sport’s new GT4 race car was star of its NY International Auto Show
It shares 60 percent of parts with road car and should cost well under $200,000.
A major Nintendo policy change has saved at least one Switch game
Third major patch for Nintendo Switch exclusive Bomberman does the unexpected.
Fenix 5S reviewed: Exactly what you’d expect from a $600 Garmin sport watch
Great for well-rounded athletes, unnecessary for most.
We’ve been missing a big part of game industry’s digital revolution
NPD “restatement” shows consistent spending growth as digital sales dominate.
Russian man gets longest-ever US hacking sentence, 27 years in prison
Roman Seleznev bankrupted businesses, did $170 million in damage.
The X-Files will be back for another 10 episodes in 2017 and 2018
Gillian Anderson: “You ready for more of this @davidduchovny? 🔦 #TheXFiles”
>10,000 Windows computers may be infected by advanced NSA backdoor
Did script kiddies use DoublePulsar code released by NSA-leaking Shadow Brokers?
Mobile industry loses its bid to stop Berkeley’s cellphone warning law
9th Circuit: Local law actually “complements and reinforces” federal law, policy.
Patent-holding company uses ex-Nokia patents to sue Apple, phone carriers
Nokia has spread its patents around widely, and they keep popping up in lawsuits.
Report: Theranos used shell company to secretly buy outside lab equipment
WSJ describes newly unsealed depositions of 22 former employees, board members.
Juice wars: Juicero has sued another juicer maker for patent infringement
The company claims its cold-press hardware has a copycat.
107 cancer papers retracted due to peer review fraud
New papers were found through investigations into previous fraud.
Once more with feeling: Climate models don’t exaggerate warming
An important correction to some lowball estimates of climate sensitivity.
310-mile range and 320kW: 2019’s Audi e-tron Sportback
The powertrain looks great, but we're not sure about the styling.
As US prepares to gut net neutrality rules, Canada strengthens them
Canada cracks down on zero-rating while FCC allows paid data cap exemptions.
Researchers claim China trying to hack South Korea missile defense efforts
Deployment of THAAD upsets China, seen as espionage tool.
Valve asks for phone numbers to confirm Dota 2 player identities
Move should cut down on expert players intentionally smurfing noobs.
Galaxy S8 review: Gorgeous new hardware, same Samsung gimmicks
First flagship since the Note 7 mess doesn't always put its best foot forward.
Tesla recalls 53,000 vehicles built in 2016 over faulty parking brake
Quality and reliability problems continue to plague the electric car maker.
If you live inland, don’t think sea level rise won’t affect you
Climate migrants will flock inland. What does that mean for landlocked regions?
Fansubs for TV shows and movies are illegal, court rules
Anti-piracy group tells Dutch court they damage the industry.
American Gods may have finally nailed the modern-fantasy formula on TV
Come for Ian McShane; stay for a faithful, 16-years-later retelling of Gaiman's classic.
Like disappearing ink, but cooler: Laser-powered invisible images demonstrated
The image is only revealed if the right color laser is shone on surface.
Man sues Confide: I wouldn’t have spent $7/month if I’d known it was flawed
Confide: "The accusations set forth in the complaint are unfounded and without merit."
Cassini has taken another spectacular image of its home planet
Earth's Moon is also visible in a zoomed-in view.
Tesla owners sue: “Enhanced Autopilot Features… simply too dangerous to be used”
Tesla fires back, calling lawsuit a "disingenuous attempt to secure attorney’s fees."
Windows, Office, to get synchronized twice yearly releases
New policy officially formalizes the previously informal intentions.
CEO of company that makes $400 juice appliance has a message for the haters
CEO Jeff Dunn takes to Medium to post a defense of his business.
Apple wants to stop mining and start making everything from recycled materials
"Closed loop supply chain" aims to reduce waste and cut down on mining.
The Wheel of Time series is one step closer to your television
Sony has snapped up the rights and brought on an executive producer.
Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 3 review: Twilight struggle
A return to single-player basics with something new for multiplayer.
First-ever US Honda Civic Type R finally arrives with 306 horsepower
UK-assembled, US-powered, the global Civic Type R finally hits America this June.
We need game design tools that work for everyone
From Offworld: Accessible, no-programming-required game-making tools are hard to find.
Our hearts beat with unexpected electrical help from immune cells
Macrophages known for gobbling germs may be key to healthy—and unhealthy—rhythms.
FCC helps AT&T and Verizon charge more by ending broadband price caps
Business Internet price caps eliminated even when customers have only one choice.
Mozilla, Microsoft rebuilding their browsers’ foundations without anyone noticing
Browsers are getting quietly rebuilt around us.
Another Android flagship, the Nexus 6P, ends up in a class-action lawsuit
"When the bootlooping occurs, the phone is essentially a very expensive paperweight."
Chrome, Firefox, and Opera users beware: This isn’t the apple.com you want
Unicode sleight of hand makes it hard for even savvy users to detect impostor sites.
Toyota is testing heavy-duty hydrogen trucks at the Port of Long Beach
For use in short-haul routes, full testing begins this summer.
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch: If it ain’t broke, just tweak it
Small changes don't add much, but this is portable Mario Kart at its finest.
Google Home can now tell users apart just by their voice
Now up to six people can train Google's voice appliance to recognize them.
Tanium CEO tacitly admits using hospital data in demos, sort of
CEO Hindawi: "Viewers didn’t connect demo to that customer for years."
Virtual Rick-ality proves why Rick and Morty is great—and why VR has its limits
Comedy's tough in video games, a fact proven by everything R&M gets right—and wrong.
Verizon lost 400,000 customers in the 6 weeks before it launched unlimited data
Verizon turned things around but still lost 289,000 phone subscribers.
Fusion efficiency boosted by exploding a tiny gold shell from the inside
Shining laser through tiny hole yields smooth compression, lots of neutrons.
Potential anti-aging component of cord blood refreshes minds of old mice
The findings are just in mice, and debate swirls around the anti-aging pursuits.