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Updated 2018-08-19 11:15
London museum is livestreaming a key 21st-century artifact—festering sewage
You can watch the live action of a putrid piece of our times.
Who Goes There?: The Thing returns to the tabletop
Battling infection, paranoia, and a monster in Antarctica.
Dealmaster: Take $250 off a Google Pixelbook and more back to school sales
Including Best Buy's anniversary sale, deals on Switch games and Amazon devices.
Paul Hansmeier finally cops to being a porn troll, after a years-long saga
Hansmeier's lawyer calls plea deal a "fair resolution."
Cybersex toy industry heats up as infamous “teledildonics” patent climaxes
EFF lawyer: "At least startups in the space won't immediately get sued."
Netflix will now interrupt series binges with video ads for its other series
Netflix confirms "test;" video ads appear with a "but first, check out... " prompt.
Next Windows 10 update nearing completion as it gets its official name
New builds are light on features, focused on fixes.
Russia is down to a single female cosmonaut, and she may never fly
Only two Russian women have flown in space since 1984.
The blockchain bonanza is over for graphics card makers
Nvidia expects negligible cryptocurrency-related sales for the rest of the year.
Disenchantment review: Groening’s new Netflix toon is off to a bloody good start
First "half-season" has its rough patches, but medieval mirth wins out.
HBO picks up Watchmen live-action TV series, will debut in 2019
New story helmed by Damon Lindelof (Lost, Leftovers) stars Jeremy Irons, Regina King.
Disney just dropped a trailer for its new Star Wars Resistance show
Expect lots of aerial combat in this anime-styled cartoon.
After employee revolt, Google says it is “not close” to launching search in China
But CEO Sundar Pichai believes Google can have "a positive impact" there.
African palm oil expansion is bad news for the continent’s primates
Primate habitats overlap with the best regions for new palm oil plantations.
Elon Musk says he is having the most “painful year of my career”
Running Tesla and SpaceX takes a serious personal toll on Elon Musk.
Reveal metal objects with Wi-Fi; overexcited engineers think security
Wi-Fi analysis reveals metals and liquids in highly artificial conditions.
Years after Mylan’s epic EpiPen price hikes, it finally gets a generic rival
The FDA says this will lower drug costs, but the company has yet to reveal a price.
20 years of the iMac at Ars Technica, in reviews and pictures
It popularized an alternative—but still polarizing—vision of desktop computing.
Rocket Report: China aims for the Moon, SpaceX gets approval for load-and-go
Also, Britain seems pretty confident it will launch a lot of small satellites.
Just say no: Wi-Fi-enabled appliance botnet could bring power grid to its knees
Princeton researchers find army of high-wattage IoT devices could cripple electric grid.
F1 2018 is worth buying even if you own last year’s version
Review: Codemasters adds more historic F1 cars and some RPG elements to a great simulator.
Game dev suffers broken teeth, skull fracture after trying to film arrest
Police allege that cop was punched, kicked; husband says security cam vindicates.
New Iron Fist Season 2 trailer renews our hope for the Netflix series
Danny Rand will battle his former rival, the Steel Serpent, starting in September.
Polls show little support for Trump’s Space Force
Data from two separate polls shows majority of Americans are not Space Force enthusiasts.
The nightmarishly complex wheat genome finally yields to scientists
Researchers finally finish sorting through the crop's six sets of chromosomes.
After coffee brewhaha, CA fears cancer warnings have “gone seriously wrong”
Weary from Prop 65 lawsuits, state now says warnings should be reserved for real threats.
Ajit Pai knew DDoS claim was false in January, says he couldn’t tell Congress
Pai appears in front of Senate after acknowledging FCC's false statements.
Dealmaster: Get 6 free months of Apple Music with a Verizon unlimited plan
Plus deals on Bose headphones, Essential Phone, Nintendo Switch games, and more.
Google reportedly plans flagship retail store (again), this time in Chicago
Google takes yet another swing at retail, just a few blocks away from its Chicago HQ.
Intel’s 10nm Cannon Lake chip gets another outing in new NUC mini PC
Wider availability of the 10nm part suggests yields may be creeping upward.
Nintendo’s Switch has been hiding a buried “VrMode” for over a year
Unlocked firmware functions suggest Nintendo was testing VR support.
Kroger launches autonomous grocery delivery service in Arizona
Same-day curbside delivery will be available for a flat $5.95.
Ancient Egyptians had been making mummies longer than anyone thought
The Egyptians started embalming the dead before Egypt was even a unified kingdom.
High-energy protons emitted after hooking up with neutrons
Protons and neutrons pair up, get speedy, even if other neutrons are watching.
Please join us in welcoming Ars’ newest contributor, Jennifer Ouellette
We're incredibly pleased to have Jennifer Ouelette joining the staff.
ISPs say they can’t expand broadband unless gov’t gives them more money
Industry asks for handouts, arguing that broadband is essential—like a utility.
Elon Musk’s Boring Company proposes one-way, 3.6 mile tunnel to Dodger Stadium
This won't make traffic better, but it's a good test run before Chicago.
New sponge for cleaning harbor oil leaks has a successful real-world test
The creators of the Oleo Sponge are looking for investors to partner with.
DNA reveals ancient parrot breeder supplied US Southwest peoples
Culturally important macaws were traded far outside their natural range.
Diablo III’s Switch version leaked ahead of official unveil, coming “2018”
Rival outlets suggest Forbes jumped the gun on a Thursday embargo.
MIT scientists crack the case of breaking spaghetti in two
How not to shatter spaghetti into half a dozen little pieces.
Credit card skimmers now need to fear the Reaper
SkimReaper, subject of a USENIX Security paper, detects most common card skimmers.
Australian gov’t wants to force tech firms to weaken crypto
"We can't afford to give terrorists and paedophiles a place to hide," MP says.
“A huge outlier”: Musk’s Tesla buyout tweet could get him in legal trouble
Experts see Musk's Tesla buyout tweets as unprecedented—and not in a good way.
The road to bipedalism wasn’t straight and narrow
Subtle changes in the shape of foot bones helped make us more efficient bipeds.
Valve seems to be working on tools to get Windows games running on Linux
Files hint at "Steam Play" compatibility tools to help expand SteamOS library.
Oscillating brain goes regular before migraine pain hits
Brain goes from chaotic-happy to regular-ugh to chaotic-painful as migraine hits.
Twitter suspends Alex Jones for urging people to keep “battle rifles” ready [Update]
Jones urged supporters to ready their weapons against the media, antifa, and others.
Star Trek: Discovery has cast its young Spock for season two
Ethan Peck will follow Zachary Quinto, Leonard Nimoy in playing the Vulcan.
Alexa and Cortana integration starts rolling out today
Cooperation between the assistants was originally promised by the end of last year.