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Updated 2018-06-25 03:15
Comcast may soon control what you pay to watch your favorite sports teams
Comcast and Fox could merge—their networks carry 59 NBA, MLB, and NHL teams in US.
Samsung might save Android smartwatches from irrelevance
Qualcomm is failing Wear OS, but Samsung could save it with Exynos SoCs.
Amazon confirms that Echo device secretly shared user’s private audio [Updated]
The call that started it all: "Unplug your Alexa devices right now."
White House policy seeks fewer lawyers, more engineers at space companies
"They're moving quickly to address the shortcomings."
America, your offshore wind is coming: 1.2GW in contracts awarded
An industry stalled is being revived again.
Researchers identify a protein that viruses use as gateway into cells
If we can block this interaction, we'd block virus infections.
Nintendo starts selling cheaper, dock-free Switch, but only in Japan
New package is marketed as a "second" console for multiplayer households.
Edge is still the most efficient Windows browser, but Chrome is getting close
Once Edge had a big advantage over competing browsers. It doesn't any more.
NTSB: Uber’s sensors worked; its software utterly failed in fatal crash
Driver says she was looking at an Uber touchscreen, not a smartphone, before crash.
YouTube Music will replace Google Play Music but won’t kill user uploads
New service will eventually support "all the key features" of Google Play Music.
Uber wants to test driverless cars in Pittsburgh again—the mayor is pissed
Mayor: "Uber did not tell me" about plans to test driverless cars in Pittsburgh.
Acer’s Chromebook Spin 13 tempts professionals to use Chrome OS at work
It's the most powerful Chromebook to join Acer's large family of Chrome OS devices.
Detroit: Become Human review: Robotic in all of the wrong ways
Poor scripting and world-building sink an ambitious dive into branching narrative.
Solo film review: Best when it embraces its favorite action-movie urges
Solo's fun, but this is not (yet) the Han you adore.
Apple, VW sign driverless car deal for Apple campus shuttles, NY Times sources say
Deal was apparently struck after BMW and Mercedes-Benz declined a partnership.
FBI seizes domain Russia allegedly used to infect 500,000 consumer routers
The sinkholing is a major coup but doesn't automatically kill VPNFilter infections.
Trump’s Twitter blocking violates First Amendment, court rules
The "interactive space" around Trump tweets is a public forum, judge rules.
Battlefield V looks amazing—and it won’t have paid season pass, map packs [Updated]
WWII game's only MTX will be cosmetic; no hints to a battle royale mode.
Sony: Next PlayStation is at least three years off
"We will use the next three years to prepare the next step."
Hackers infect 500,000 consumer routers all over the world with malware
VPNFilter can survive reboots and contains destructive "kill" function.
Newest NOAA weather satellite suffers critical malfunction
Cooling system isn’t cooling, knocking key sensors offline.
Arizona state education standards see evolution deleted
Never mention "change over time" by its name.
Matt Groening’s first fantasy-cartoon series finally has release date, screens
First 10 episodes of Netflix's Disenchantment will land in August of this year.
Comcast confirms plan to buy 21st Century Fox and control of Hulu
Comcast preparing to outbid Disney in attempt to expand media empire.
Stellarator’s plasma results show a triumph of engineering and modeling
A possible route to fusion makes a very impressive start.
This rugged electric off-roader from Nikola has specs to rival a Tesla
This go-anywhere vehicle goes on sale next year.
Internal Uber email announces shutdown of Arizona driverless car testing
"We intend to drive in a much more limited way," Uber executive writes.
You can add “harder to fix” to the list of OnePlus 6 downgrades
The glued-on glass back is harder to crack than last year's screwed-on metal back.
FBI exaggerated the number of phones it can’t unlock by up to 550 percent
FBI's case for weakening encryption suffers blow as agency admits math error.
US gov’t employee in China left with brain injury after strange sounds, pressure
The case draws eerie similarities to mysterious "health attacks" in Cuba.
In absence of fog, the images from a SpaceX launch Tuesday are stunning
Rarely do photographers get such viewing conditions at Vandenberg Air Force Base.
How you end up sleep-deprived matters
There's more than one type of sleep deprivation, and the impacts vary.
Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 review: Meet the child of Intel and AMD’s unholy union
A chipset that combines Intel's CPU with AMD's GPU makes the XPS 15 thinner.
Small, nimble, quick, and loud: The BMW X2 reviewed
We put the new-for-2018 BMW X2 subcompact crossover through its paces.
HTC’s new flagship smartphone has a translucent back, dual front cameras
Will fancy color options and some edge gestures get you to buy an HTC phone?
Police use of Amazon’s face-recognition service draws privacy warnings
Cloud-based service can index millions of faces and recognize 100 people in an image.
EPA boots reporters from meeting on chemicals called a PR disaster
The EPA was already under scrutiny about its actions regarding these contaminants.
Netflix and other online video are killing cable in customer satisfaction
Cable and broadband companies are still widely hated by US customers.
Navy’s F-35 doesn’t have range for real stealth strikes, House report says
Risks to carriers, absence of stealth tankers puts "necessary targets" out of reach.
“Like slavery”: Rehab patients forced into unpaid labor to cover “treatment”
Untrained rehab patients worked in adult care homes to pay for "treatment."
Waiting for cheaper renewables can cost more in the long run
If your aim is to cut emissions, aggressive investments now are the way to go.
Dealmaster: Get a Samsung Gear VR headset for $30
Plus deals on gaming laptops, portable batteries, Sonos speakers, and more.
Musk: Shipping base-price Model 3 at this point would cause Tesla to lose money
New setbacks after company announces $78,000 performance Model 3.
New speculative-execution vulnerability strikes AMD, ARM, and Intel
Fortunately, existing fixes should provide the protection we need.
Video: Forcing more children to figure out more ’80s technology
They do pretty darn good, considering they don't know what a cassette tape is.
Trump feels presidential smartphone security is “too inconvenient”
Report: President Trump clings to his Twitter phone, reluctant to allow security checks.
State of Decay 2 review: Shambling toward nothing
Zombies aren’t as dangerous as glitches in this post-apocalyptic base manager.
Comcast bug made it shockingly easy to steal customers’ Wi-Fi passwords
Activation site leaked passwords in plain text to anyone with an account number.
Razer slims down Blade, debuts macOS-compatible eGPU enclosure
The new Blade with a 15-inch display, Max-Q graphics, and more starts at $1,899.
Days Gone world premiere hands-on: Have you played a zombie game before?
We wanted more from our skin-deep look at this PS4-exclusive zombie-biker game.