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Updated 2018-06-25 03:15
Facebook let select companies have “special access” to user data, per report
Such data sharing was supposed to have been fully cut off in 2015, but it wasn't.
In a blow to e-voting critics, Brazil suspends use of all paper ballots
Country's top court equates e-voting critics with conspiracy theorists.
Intel isn’t going to be launching a 28-core 5GHz processor this year after all
The company forgot to mention that the 5GHz chip was overclocked.
Weird neutrino excess won’t go away, hints at new physics
One possible explanation is a fourth type of neutrino.
NY Times reporter’s emails seized by Justice Dept. in Senate Intel Committee leak case
"Tens of thousands" of emails, calls, and texts between reporter and leaker grabbed from Verizon, Google.
AT&T imposes another $5 price hike on grandfathered unlimited data plans
Grandfathered data plan will cost $45, plus fees for voice and text.
Dealmaster: Sony discounts a bunch of PlayStation 4 things ahead of E3
Promo includes deals on PS4 Pro, PS VR, and a number of newer games.
AIDS Simulator kicked off Steam as Valve grapples with “trolling” definition
Active Shooter still rejected under Valve's new, less restrictive store policies.
Google Pixel 3 XL prototype shows an all-glass back, giant display notch
It looks like Google is following all the 2018 design trends for its next device.
Ajit Pai’s FCC lied about “DDoS” attack, ex-chair’s statement indicates
Wheeler: There was no "coverup" of 2014 DDoS attack, because there was no DDoS.
Why emergency braking systems sometimes hit parked cars and lane dividers
Recent Tesla Autopilot crashes hold a lesson for the whole industry.
Ecological “law” turns out to just be the result of us fishing
Mature fish are found deep not because of age, climate, or prey, but because of us.
Talkin’ Treble: How Android engineers are winning the war on fragmentation
Q&A: Android engineers Dave Burke and Iliyan Malchev talk Android P progress at length.
Rocket Report: NASA chief sort of endorses SLS; Russia woes; Virgin Orbit
Russia may not be able to afford development of the Soyuz-5 booster.
Classic Maserati with a pinch of Chrysler: The Levante S GranSport, reviewed
This Maserati doesn't quite do 185, but it's still a great ride.
Facebook privacy goof makes posts by 14 million users readable to anyone
Posts were made public even when set to be viewed by a limited number of contacts.
Join us at 8:30pm ET today for live-streamed games ahead of E3 madness
Today's focus: Recent 2D indies, including Shaq Fu 2, It Lurks Below, Fox N Forests.
Microsoft’s plan for GitHub: “Make GitHub better at being GitHub”
Reddit AMA with Nat Friedman doesn't really reveal a whole lot.
Ubisoft CEO: Cloud gaming will replace consoles after the next generation
Shift to games running on remote servers could cause big changes in the industry.
Dealmaster: Get a pair of Anker wireless exercise headphones for $30
Plus deals on Echo speakers, the Apple TV 4K, Roombas, and more.
Stymied by browsers, attackers embed Flash 0-day inside MS Office document
As browsers get wise to the risks of Flash, attackers look to Office to fill void.
Training a neural network in phase-change memory beats GPUs
Specialized hardware that trains in-memory is both fast and energy-efficient.
Net neutrality will be repealed Monday unless Congress takes action
Senate voted to save net neutrality, but the House hasn't scheduled a vote.
Finally, scientists have found intriguing organic molecules on Mars
The finding has significant implications for whether life once existed on Mars.
Latest Windows preview suggests you’ll be able to turn S Mode on and off
It's going from a separate edition, to an install-time option, to a regular option.
Android P Preview 3 hands-on—Here’s all 157 new emoji, some UI tweaks
It's not a huge release, but we dutifully document the new emoji and other changes.
Machines that suck CO₂ from the air might be cheaper than we thought
Operators of pilot plant publish their design and costs for scaling up.
Op-ed: Valve takes a side by not “taking sides” in curation controversy
By deciding not to decide what's "acceptable," Valve implicitly endorses vile content.
New T-Mobile upgrade may boost your coverage—if you have the right phone
T-Mobile's 600MHz available in 32 states, filling LTE gaps outside big cities.
NTSB: Autopilot steered Tesla car toward traffic barrier before deadly crash
Model X "began a left steering movement," then sped up, report finds.
Mysterious health attacks and symptoms spur more evacuations from China
One identified victim says the attacks were not isolated events—and the US knew.
New law forces Google to suspend political ads in Washington state
Google says its systems are not yet able to comply with the disclosure rules.
Mueller checks witnesses’ phones for secure messaging apps, per report
CNBC: Mueller has been checking for improper conversations by Trump associates.
Confirmed: ZTE to reopen after $1 billion fine, new leadership [Updated]
Deal follows terms outlined by Donald Trump in a May tweet.
Amazon’s Fire TV Cube is like a Fire TV blended with an Echo Dot
Amazon wants Alexa to control your cable box and smart home gear all at once.
Russia may lack the funds to compete with SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket
"The development of new boosters is doubtful from a practical perspective."
MalwareTech says 4 new criminal charges are “bullsh*t”
Marcus Hutchins' lawyer also insists new accusations are "meritless."
Three months later, a mass exploit of powerful Web servers continues
Infected sites belong to universities, government agencies, and media companies.
30,000-year-old jawbone records tough diet in Pleistocene Southeast Asia
Raw meat and palm hearts helped early humans survive life in the rain forest.
Steam updates game-content guidelines, will include “something that you hate”
Only illegal and "outright trolling" games to be left off the service.
Waymo announces 7 million miles of testing, putting it far ahead of rivals
Waymo is racking up test miles faster and faster as a commercial launch nears.
Sonos launches a new mini soundbar, pegs AirPlay 2 support for July
The Sonos Beam has Alexa and AirPlay 2 but isn't a 1:1 upgrade over the Playbar.
More evidence that the Universe is making lots of massive stars
Distant galaxies are creating lots of stars eight times the mass of the Sun or more.
AMD unveils Threadripper 2: Up to 32 cores, 64 threads, for an enthusiast chip
Power draw peaks at 250W, and a new batch of X399 motherboards will be released to handle it.
FCC accused of “spreading lies” about DDoS hitting comment system
A year later, FCC hasn't proven that DDoS disrupted net neutrality comments.
The Tetris Effect is the trippy block-stacking game we didn’t know we needed
From the maker of Rez Infinite comes a hypnotic, musical take on the old formula.
The Moto Z3 Play is official with rare, side-mounted fingerprint reader
The good news is that this should be the last year of cookie-cutter MotoMod phones.
Police follow as guardsman takes personnel carrier on unscheduled deployment
Va. Guard officer apprehended by police cars in Richmond after armored trip on I-95.
We know you hate the Internet of Things, but it’s saving megafauna from poachers
In the war on endangered species, the IT department keeps upending those who stalk rhinos.
GM rolling out its amazing Super Cruise tech to more cars and brands
The best system on the market, it uses geofencing and driver monitoring.