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Updated 2018-09-24 23:15
Native support for Windows file sharing coming to Chrome OS
Chrome OS 70 will be able to read to and write from SMB file shares natively.
FCC data exaggerates broadband access on tribal lands
Inaccurate data makes it hard to get broadband money to where it's most needed.
Calif. safety tests pass moldy marijuana but fail ~20% of products overall
Growers complain of fussy standards while labs argue that fungi may be missed.
EA defies Belgian loot box decision, setting up potential “gambling” lawsuit
Publisher insists randomized card packs are not a form of gambling.
Tesla thins out its paint palette to “simplify manufacturing” at factory
From September 22nd, the color choices are down to five.
British Airways site had credit card skimming code injected
22 lines of JavaScript injected into Web, mobile apps raked in customer credit card data.
Edge on cooling from nanostructure beats physical limit
Very thin membranes radiate heat much more efficiently from their edges.
How a day driving high-downforce cars at VIR taught me I’m OK being slow
We try out a Radical SR and Ligier Formula 4 car at Formula Experiences.
This startup helps self-driving cars literally feel the road
Startup uses sensors to build a detailed crowdsourced map of road conditions.
Mega-rich family behind opioid crisis has second, secret opioid company
Family that runs Purdue also runs Rhodes Pharma—and patented an addiction drug.
Ajit Pai helped Charter kill consumer-protection rules in Minnesota
State can't regulate VoIP phones—Pai predicts same outcome with net neutrality.
CA Gov. says 100% clean electricity not enough, state must go carbon neutral
The move puts the most populous state on the most aggressive decarbonization path.
Dozens of iOS apps surreptitiously share user location data with tracking firms
Applications don't mention that they're selling your precise location to third parties.
Vizio, sued for making creepy smart TVs, will notify customers via the TVs
Lawyers need a few more weeks to make sure Vizio tests settlement message.
Single atoms sit still on a hot plate, may yield new quantum tech
Laser sucks energy out of atoms as fast as nearby surface puts it in.
Microsoft splits VSTS five ways to build new Azure DevOps platform
Microsoft continues its push to make development tools for any and every workflow.
Net neutrality gives “free” Internet to Netflix and Google, ISP claims
Frontier asks workers to fight Calif. net neutrality, claims bills will go up.
Iron Fist’s second Netflix season mostly lives up to its promising trailer
A much less whiny Danny Rand grapples with the meaning of power in his second season.
Hurricane Florence represents a grave threat to the East Coast
Carolinas at risk of a rare Category 4 landfall.
Shadow of the Tomb Raider review: Fighting for my life and loving it
Revel in stealthy kills while struggling to prevent the apocalypse.
SpaceX launches heavy telecom satellite, sticks high-seas landing
The company has now flown 16 missions this year.
Amazon may have just teased the first retail Halo FPS on PC in 11 years
Series hasn't had a mainline PC release since 2007 port of Halo 2.
“Lighthouse Detector” can distinguish between many sources of radiation
The detector can be used to keep workers safe from contaminated areas.
NSA metadata program “consistent” with Fourth Amendment, Kavanaugh once argued
Supreme Court nominee discussed notable surveillance cases during Friday testimony.
Apple’s September 12, 2018 event: What we expect to be “gathering round” for
New iPhones will likely headline, but there are many more possibilities.
The 16 surprising new games that made PAX West an absolute blast
Spelunky 2, Risk of Rain 2, Disco Elysium top this indie-crazy expo. Plus, one stinker.
Why things can look like they’re moving faster than light
"Superluminal" motion is old news to astronomers, but surprised our readers.
Probiotics: If you don’t just poop them out, they may muck up your guts
Standard probiotics may not be risk free.
Carpeting Sahara with wind and solar farms could make it rain
Power the world, bring rain to the desert, and profit in this wild “What if?”
How a CEO fiddled while beloved board game Glory to Rome crashed and burned
Over five years after the company collapsed, fans continue to reprint this cult classic.
“Get a warrant”—Florida appeals court admonishes cops in two murder cases
Fourth District appeals court rules unanimously in suspects' favor.
Verizon lobbyist runs for NY AG—as the state sues FCC over net neutrality repeal
Leecia Eve would recuse herself from Verizon matters and net neutrality case.
Nintendo’s promised cloud saves on Switch won’t work for every game [Updated]
Splatoon 2, Pokemon Let's Go, Dead Cells top short list so far; Nintendo responds.
New Microsoft hardware launching on October 2
Before anyone asks: no, of course there won't be a Surface Phone.
Transplanted mammals take a century to learn to “surf the green wave”
Animals returned to their native range don't understand the unfamiliar territory.
Tesla stock falls on executive departures, Musk smoking weed
"I have no disagreements with Tesla’s leadership," resigning exec writes.
Fortnite reaches 15 million Android downloads without Google Play
Epic details technical, security hurdles of "indie" mobile launch
Verizon throttling firefighters may have violated FCC rule, Democrats say
Verizon misled firefighters about limits of "unlimited data," senators say.
Mapping what it would take for a renaissance for nuclear energy
Nuclear becomes more acceptable as carbon emissions become less acceptable.
Rocket Report: Lots of losers in small launch, Air Force award, Red (Bull) Mars
"There are more than 100 small launch vehicles in development."
DOJ: Man sextorted women after giving up password reset clues, like pets’ names
Richard Bauer allegedly demanded more nudes to stop release of ones he claimed to have.
Google sets October 9th for the Pixel 3 unveiling
We'll definitely see the Pixel 3, and there's a good chance of a Pixelbook 2.
Twitter’s latest (and final) punishment for Alex Jones: A permanent ban
Inflammatory tweets and videos posted yesterday were the final straw for Twitter.
Progressive Web Apps moving mainstream as Twitter makes its mobile site the main one
The new interface is faster, uses less data, and already powers some Twitter apps.
Dealmaster: Get a 128GB Samsung EVO Select microSD card for $34
Or a 64GB card for $18. Plus deals on Vizio 4K TVs, PlayStation Plus, and more.
Seat belt fires spark recall of two million Ford F-150 trucks
Seat belt pretensioners are a lifesaving technology, but these had a problem.
Ajit Pai does ISPs’ bidding, pushes for tighter rules on Google and Facebook
Pai suggests new rules for Web giants, but not for the ISPs he regulates.
What makes a “troll game”? Valve tries for a Steam-wide definition
Company says it judges developers' motives, intent to "incite and sow discord."
Windows 10 support extended again: September releases now get 30 months
And Microsoft is offering enterprises dedicated app compatibility support.
Horses may understand human emotion, especially anger
Horses know when you sound angry, relax when you are cheerful.