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Updated 2023-01-30 07:17
As Egg Prices Soar, the Deadliest Bird Flu Outbreak in US History Drags on
upstart writes:Risk to humans is low, but epidemiologists fear a future pandemic by such a flu:
'Rubble Pile' Asteroids Are Surprisingly Hard to Kill
Scientists Say 'Rubble Pile' Asteroids are Surprisingly Hard to Killupstart writes:A research team believes hard-to-destroy asteroids made from loose rubble and dust may be quite common in our solar system:
Can Science Finally Create a Decent Cup of Decaf?
upstart writes:Can Science Finally Create a Decent Cup of Decaf?:
Researchers Release PoC Exploit for Windows CryptoAPI Bug Discovered by NSA
Fnord666 writes:Researchers Release PoC Exploit for Windows CryptoAPI Bug Discovered by NSA
3D Printing Reaches New Heights With Two-Story Home
fliptop writes:A 3D printer is taking home building to a new level — literally:
Antibiotic Resistance Induced by the Widespread Use of Antidepressants?
Freeman writes:Bacteria evolve drug resistance more readily when antidepressants are around:
GM Hiring Tech Talent Laid Off By Silicon Valley Companies
fliptop writes:Due to a changing economic climate, tech companies like Google and Apple have been laying off employees to cut costs and prepare for a potential recession. Meanwhile, automakers like GM have been taking advantage of this influx of talented workers by hiring them to develop the new age of digital vehicles:
Researchers Look a Dinosaur in its Remarkably Preserved Face
upstart writes:Washed out to sea, a giant beast and its armored skin were left in pristine condition:
The Story Behind ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers)
owl writes:https://inventlikeanowner.com/blog/the-story-behind-asins-amazon-standard-identification-numbers/
By Learning to Hunt Otters, Wolves Decimate (Annihilate) a Deer Population
Freeman writes:On an Alaskan island, wolves adapted to hunt an unexpected aquatic prey:
Federal Court Says Scraping Court Records is Most Likely Protected by the First Amendment
upstart writes:Federal Court Says Scraping Court Records Is Most Likely Protected By The First Amendment:
Ketchup Isn't a Good Thermal Paste, but It's Better Than Cheese or Toothpaste
upstart writes:Stick with a traditional thermal paste from a reputable brand:
Scientists Propose Turning Abandoned Mines Into Super-Efficient Gravity Batteries
upstart writes:Scientists Propose Turning Abandoned Mines Into Super-Efficient Gravity Batteries:
RSA's Demise From Quantum Attacks is Very Much Exaggerated, Expert Says
Freeman writes:Expert says the focus on quantum attacks may distract us from more immediate threats:
NASA Ultrasound Technique Eliminates Kidney Stones Painlessly
upstart writes:NASA Ultrasound Technique Eliminates Kidney Stones Painlessly:
US Marines Defeat DARPA Robot by Hiding Under a Cardboard Box
owl writes:https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/342413-us-marines-defeat-darpa-robot-by-hiding-under-a-cardboard-box
20 Years Since the Spread of the Microsoft Sapphire/SQL Slammer Worm
canopic jug writes:Developer Robert Graham has written a retrospective on how his proprietary software was able to detect the Microsoft Sapphire Worm, also known as SQL Slammer as it hit due to his design choices. These choices were first, a poll-mode driver instead of interrupt driven and, second, protocol analysis for recognizing the behavior signature rather than pattern matching.
Webb Telescope Spectrograph Suffers Software Glitch
upstart writes:A communications delay timed out the instrument's flight software, and some planned observations will have to be rescheduled:
Nasa to Test Nuclear Rockets that Could Fly Astronauts to Mars in Record Time
fliptop writes:The project, in concert with US government agency DARPA, aims to develop pioneering propulsion system for space travel as soon as 2027:
The FAA Grounded All US Flights Because Contractors Mistakenly Deleted Files
upstart writes:They were in the midst of synchronizing databases, the agency revealed:
U.S. Approves First Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Design
upstart writes:The historic move is a step on the long path ahead for nuclear power:
Earth's Inner Core Might be Reversing its Spin
upstart writes:Earth's inner core might be reversing its spin:
NSA Offers Security Guidelines for IPv6 Migration
upstart writes:NSA offers security guidelines for IPv6 migration:
Memory Safe Programming Languages are on the Rise
upstart writes:Memory safe programming languages are on the rise. Here's how developers should respond:
Procrastination May Harm Your Health
upstart writes:Procrastination may harm your health. Here's what you can do:
Google is Being Sued by the DOJ Over Alleged Digital Ad Monopoly
upstart writes:Google is being sued by the DOJ over alleged digital ad monopoly:
Rocket Lab Has Aced its First Launch From U.S. Soil
upstart writes:Rocket Lab has aces its first launch from U.S. soil:
The Mystery of the Radeon RX 6000 Mass Extinction Event May Have Been Solved
upstart writes:The Mystery of the Radeon RX 6000 Mass Extinction Event May Have Been Solved:
FTC: Shkreli May Have Violated Lifetime Pharma Ban, Should be Held in Contempt
Freeman writes:https://arstechnica.com/science/2023/01/ftc-shkreli-may-have-violated-lifetime-pharma-ban-should-be-held-in-contempt/
Ripples in the Fabric of the Universe May Peer Back to the Beginning of Everything We Know
upstart writes:Revealing the Start of Time Itself: Ripples in the Fabric of the Universe May Peer Back to the Beginning of Everything We Know:
High Tech Drug Smugglers Now Use Drones
The lower Niagara River (below/north of Niagara Falls and the Rapids) has been a favored location for trade and smuggling for centuries. It seems to have taken a new turn recently, per this story, https://www.forbes.com/sites/thomasbrewster/2023/01/17/drones-carry-mdma-into-america-via-niagara-falls/?sh=7b39ea602c83 also covered by BuffaloNews.com and other outlets.
Reverse-Engineering the Conditional Jump Circuitry in the 8086 Processor
owl writes:https://www.righto.com/2023/01/reverse-engineering-conditional-jump.html
Scientists Identify Rare Lead Compounds in Rembrandt’s the Night Watch
upstart writes:Work is part of research and conservation project Operation Night Watch:
Tiktok's "Enshittification"
owl writes:https://pluralistic.net/2023/01/21/potemkin-ai/#hey-guys
OpenAI and Microsoft Announce Extended, Multi-Billion-Dollar Partnership
Freeman writes:https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2023/01/openai-and-microsoft-reaffirm-shared-quest-for-powerful-ai-with-new-investment/
An ALS Patient Set a Record for Communicating Via a Brain Implant: 62 Words Per Minute
upstart writes:Brain interfaces could let paralyzed people speak at almost normal speeds.:
SpaceX Capsule Refitted to Carry 5 Crew Members in Case of ISS Emergency
upstart writes:An extra seat will accommodate a NASA astronaut left stranded after a micrometeorite damaged a Russian Soyuz spacecraft last month:
How CRISPR is Making Farmed Animals Bigger, Stronger, and Healthier
upstart writes:These gene-edited fish, pigs, and other animals could soon be on the menu:
Websites Selling Abortion Pills are Sharing Sensitive Data With Google
upstart writes:Law enforcement can potentially use this data for prosecutions:
Ukraine Might Be Modifying Starlink Dishes to Mount On Drones
upstart writes:Ukraine Might Be Modifying Starlink Dishes to Mount On Drones:
Activists Blast NY Governor Hochul for Screwing Up State’s Right to Repair Efforts
upstart writes:Activists Blast NY Governor Hochul For Screwing up State's Right To Repair Efforts:
Building Blocks of Life Found in Meteorite Which Crashed Landed in Gloucestershire
hubie writes:The research found organic compounds from space which holds the secrets to the origin of life:
Why Using Real Maps Instead of GPS Could Prevent Dementia
fliptop writes:Turning off Waze or your favorite GPS app and using an old-fashioned map may be the best way to fight Alzheimer's disease, a new study reveals:
Super Gonorrhea Has Reached the U.S.
upstart writes:Massachusetts officials have reported two cases of gonorrhea that are resistant or less susceptible to all known antibiotics used to treat it:
Harvesting Light to Grow Food and Clean Energy Together
hubie writes:Different Light Spectra Serve Different Needs for Agrivoltaics:
Ransomware Profits Decline as More Victims Refuse to Pay
Ransomware Profits Decline as Victims Dig In, Refuse to Payupstart writes:Two new reports show ransomware revenues for threat actors dropped sharply in 2022 as more victims ignored ransom demands:
Spray-on Smart Skin Reads Typing and Hand Gestures
fliptop writes:A new AI learning scheme combined with a spray-on smart skin can decipher the movements of human hands to recognize typing, sign language, and even the shape of simple familiar objects:
Scientists Gave a Robot a Sense of Smell With Locust Antennae and AI
upstart writes:Researchers sure love turning the insects into cyborgs:
More Malicious Packages Posted to Online Repository. This Time It’s PyPI
upstart writes:It's not always easy to spot malicious impostors posing as legit downloads:
New Data Show How Quickly Light Pollution is Obscuring the Night Sky
upstart writes:Observations from citizen scientists show the sky is getting about 10 percent brighter each year: