When will you let a self-driving car take control? When they are: 2016-12-04
How long before a self-driving car is hacked and "weaponized"? 2016-08-19
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Which fictional work will the future be the most like? 2016-08-06
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I'd like to see some innovation in: 2015-08-17
Type of phones I use regularly: 2015-07-27
When my favorite distro releases a new version: 2015-04-27
To correct my eyesight, I: 2015-03-23
When I use a SCM, I do it in the: 2015-03-09
Feed me Seymour! I read the following feeds: 2015-02-16
My response to systemd is: 2015-02-06
I refer to unsolicited commercial email as: 2014-12-15
Most of my holiday shopping is done at: 2014-12-01
My desktop monitor resolution: 2014-11-24
Video game genre of choice: 2014-11-18
Mobile OS versions that I use: 2014-11-10
Which of the following groups do you trust when it comes to scientific research and reporting? 2014-11-05
Dollar value of the gadgets/stuff in my pocket(USD) 2014-10-29
My primarily used mobility opions: 2014-10-27
I mainly use my tablet in: 2014-10-20
Methodology I use: 2014-10-13
I'm a gamer and I enjoy (click all that apply) 2014-10-06
My first email address was 2014-10-02
My first gaming system was: 2014-09-29
Favorite Magic Phrase 2014-09-25
First computer system I used 2014-09-22
Mobile Devices I own/use 2014-09-18
Browsers I use regularly/often 2014-09-15
The worst thing about going back to work on Monday is: 2014-09-08
You may call me a .... thank you very much 2014-09-04
If we're going to post more science stories here, hope they're in the field of: 2014-09-01
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Looking for programming work in 5-10 years? You'd better learn 2014-07-21
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Tech that I'm nostalgic for: 2014-06-23
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When dystopia comes, it will look like: 2014-05-19
Best desktop Linux distribution: 2014-05-12
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