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Updated 2018-09-24 22:15
“Bulk interception” by GCHQ (and NSA) violated human rights charter, European court rules
Privacy was violated at moment of collection, not when humans viewed data, ECHR rules.
AT&T and Verizon want to manage your identity across websites and apps
Carriers' "Project Verify" would use your phone as authentication device.
Dealmaster: Get a Dell laptop with 16GB RAM and a GTX 1060 Max-Q for $880
Plus a Razer gaming mouse for $45, 64GB Samsung microSD cards for $16, and more.
Limo firm to Uber: You misclassify your drivers as contractors, which is unfair
Diva Limousine sues Uber, claims its reliance on contractors is illegal.
A quick simulation of Hurricane Florence done without climate change
Simple analysis suggests global warming boosts Florence’s rain by 50 percent.
This nifty flying robot can hover, bank, and turn as deftly as a fruit fly
Dutch scientists built the robot to shed light on aerodynamics of insect flight.
Leaked 2016 video will fuel conservative worries about Google bias
Video shows Google's first all-hands meeting following the 2016 vote.
Video: UX expert helps explain why Fortnite is such a success
There's a lot more going on with this battle royale shooter than you might realize.
Android 9 Pie, thoroughly reviewed
The time has come for our annual deep dive (~19,000 words) into the latest Android release.
Polar’s new Vantage V and M smartwatches are its most attractive yet
The $499 and $279 devices give elite athletes prettier Polar options for their wrists.
Charter negotiating with NY to avoid being kicked out of the state
Sides have "productive dialogue" after NY revoked approval of Charter/TWC merger.
A third dimension helps Tokamak fusion reactor avoid wall-destroying instability
Korean Tokamak shows instabilities can be cured via additional magnetic fields.
Florence is now “only” a Category 2 hurricane. That won’t matter much
When it comes to water, wind speed matters less than the size of the wind field.
Conan O’Brien’s complete late-night TV archive will be posted online in January
News comes exactly 25 years after his pilot episode aired on NBC (now on YouTube).
Russian man pleads guilty, admits he ran notorious Kelihos botnet
Peter Yuryevich Levashov was first indicted relating to the Storm botnet back in 2009.
Boring Company approved to build a tunnel entrance inside a residential garage
The plans received initial approval from the Hawthorne City Council.
Hands-on with the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR
Apple is offering a lot more phone, in more ways than one.
Apple Watch Series 4 hands-on: Sparking envy in current Apple Watch owners
New hardware bolsters the Series 4's appeal, but is it an upgrade worthy of $399?
Hello eSIM: Apple moves the iPhone away from physical SIMs
eSIMs are physically attached to the iPhone's motherboard, measure just 6mm×5mm.
Your new $1,000+ iPhone won’t come with a headphone dongle in the box
You'll have to spend another $9 if you don't have an adapter already.
Google kills Google Inbox
With most of Inbox's features now migrated over to Gmail, Inbox dies in six months.
Sneak peek at The Good Place S3 is everything we love about the series
The best sitcom on television returns this month with yet another radical reset.
With Florence bearing down, Tesla remotely extends some cars’ batteries
Some customers bought 60kWh-rated cars that actually had 75kWh batteries.
Apple software updates are coming—watchOS 5, tvOS, iOS 12 on 9/17, macOS on 9/24
Been waiting on new Apple software? Here’s what’s coming out when.
Trump signs order authorizing “automatic” sanctions for election interference [Updated]
Process outlined for triggering sanctions outlined in announcement by Bolton and Coats.
Apple announces iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, coming September 21
XR (coming in October) starts at $749. XS starts at $999. XS Max starts at $1,099.
Apple Watch Series 4 sports biggest display yet on Apple’s wearable
Apple's latest wearable joins the edge-to-edge display crowd, has FDA clearance.
The oldest drawing in the world was done with an ocher crayon
73,000 years ago, someone drew a cross-hatch pattern in ocher on a stone flake.
Liveblog: All the news from Apple’s “Gather Round” event
We're live on the scene for the unveiling of the next iPhone and more.
No more free rides: Paid Switch Online service launches on Sept. 18
Users can ease in to the transition with a seven-day free trial.
What’s in the sweeping copyright bill just passed by the European Parliament
Legislation now goes to a three-way negotiation within the EU.
Next Windows 10 update triggers outrage by continuing to promote Edge
New message appears when you run the Firefox, Chrome installers.
Russian theory that NASA sabotaged the space station spreading like wildfire
"The situation is much more complex than we earlier thought.”
After many opsec fails, Russia seeks to ban soldier social media spoilers
No more tweeting from Syria, Instagramming from Ukraine, if bill becomes law.
Verizon 5G home Internet: $70/month, 300Mbps to 1Gbps speeds, no data caps
Coming next month to Houston, Indianapolis, LA, and Sacramento; more cities later.
Porsche picks Turo for official peer-to-peer car sharing partner pilot
The Porsche Hosts program launches in Los Angeles and San Francisco on October 8th.
Gangs of beetle larvae lure fathers of their next meal into sex trap
Once in with the bee larvae, they eat them and the food the bees left for them.
Penn State scientists build quantum version of Maxwell’s demon
3D grids of super-cooled atoms could one day form the basis for a quantum computer.
The Hurricane Florence forecast has gone from bad to worse
Recent trends in the forecast models now indicate a rare—if not unprecedented—track.
Georgia says switching back to all-paper voting is logistically impossible
In Curling v. Kemp, both sides are set to duke it out in court on Wednesday.
Call of Duty battle royale beta: Surprisingly tame, surprisingly solid
A few cool and weird ideas bolted on top of tried-and-true PUBG formula.
Facebook punishes liberal news site after fact check by right-wing site
Fact check of article on Brett Kavanaugh's abortion views hinges on word "said."
An EU copyright bill could force YouTube-style filtering across the Web
Wednesday's vote by the EU parliament has big stakes for the Internet's future.
Pharma CEO jacks drug price 400%, citing “moral requirement to make money”
He raised price of essential antibiotic from $475 to $2,392, then defended Shkreli.
Apple takes down Trend Micro Mac apps that collected, stored user data
24 hours of users' browsing data was unknowingly sent to Trend Micro's servers.
The first “100% uncensored” adult game has been approved for Steam release
With new filters in place, "Adults Only" content can be listed without black bars.
Windows 10 will use the cloud to free up disk space
The built-in disk cleanup tools are getting smarter.
Trump admin. proposes rollback of methane rules to save industry $484 million
The new rules would save regulatory costs for industry at a huge cost to climate.
Dealmaster: Get a 1440p Dell monitor and a $100 Dell gift card for $250
Plus a 128GB microSD card for $29, a Fire TV Stick for $25, and more.
US Intelligence thinks Russia may have microwaved US embassies in Cuba, China
Directed energy weapon could be responsible for auditory hallucinations, brain injuries.