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Updated 2018-09-24 22:15
WikiLeaks founder sought Russian visa in 2010, per AP report
Internal documents leaked to AP include "Key Contacts" and an apparent escape plan.
Microsoft Managed Desktop lets Redmond handle your desktop devices
Subscription hardware running subscription software with subscription management.
British cave diver sues Elon Musk for defamation over “pedo guy” tweets
Musk has produced no evidence to back up his accusations.
Musical instrument goes flat in presence of adulterated medicine
Mbira's tone change depends on whether tine is filled with good or bad medicine.
Switch’s replica NES controllers only work with emulated NES games
Pro Controller remains the only official way to get a d-pad for Switch games.
iOS 12 on the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPad Mini 2: It’s actually faster!
Apple delivers on its promises and pushes back against "forced obsolescence."
iOS 12, thoroughly reviewed
Apple's OS focuses on performance and laying the groundwork for future apps.
Ajit Pai calls California’s net neutrality rules “illegal”
CA enforcing neutrality because "Pai abdicated his responsibility," senator says.
Russians tried to hack Swiss lab testing samples from Skripal attack
Dutch intelligence caught Russians launching attack against lab testing Syria, UK attack samples.
15 countries and one US state team up to fight gambling in video games
Joint effort takes aim against loot boxes, skin gambling, and more.
Linus Torvalds apologizes for years of being a jerk, takes time off to learn empathy
And Linux has adopted a real code of conduct to replace its previous "code of conflict."
OnePlus announces it’s building a “OnePlus TV”
After eight smartphones, OnePlus is working on something a bit bigger.
Study: people tend to cluster into four distinct personality “types”
New sorting algorithm yields more robust, replicable results than other methods.
Reports: Apple AirPower still overheating, may be “doomed to failure”
We aren't likely to see Apple's wireless charging mat any time soon, say reports.
Amazon looking into claims that employees delete bad reviews for cash
Some merchants pay up to $2,000 for employees' secret services.
The Delta II rocket came, it saw, and for a time it conquered
No other US rocket has flown more successful missions.
New bill would finally tear down federal judiciary’s ridiculous paywall
A Republican member of Congress wants free public access to judicial records.
US Congress passes bill to help advanced nuclear power
In Illinois, a nuclear power subsidy program gets a favorable ruling from US court.
Russia, China become battle buddies at Vostok 2018
Gallery: Huge Russian military exercise turns into a Russia/China gun show.
See Science Fair even if you’ve never entered one in your life
Tracking kids as they gear up and go to Intel's International Science Fair.
Entanglement allows one party to control measurement results
Alice controls Bob via quantum measurements. Bob can't reciprocate.
We got our first good look at BMW’s new electric iNext, on sale in 2021
The production crossover will be the first use of a new vehicle architecture.
Bay Area transit system approves new surveillance-oversight policy
Move comes amid revelations that BART shared LPR data with federal authorities.
Here are the subjects our reporters enjoy covering the least
A look at why reporting on some areas of science is just asking for pain.
Review: Mega-hit boardgame Scythe goes digital on Steam
The new standard for complex digital boardgames... but it costs $20.
R.I.P. Walter Mischel, father of the infamous Marshmallow Test
Columbia University psychologist was best known for his work on delayed gratification.
Nvidia makes GPU overclocking a lot smarter with “Scanner”
Software takes the trial and error out of overclocking.
Unpatched systems at big companies continue to fall to WannaMine worm
Using the same exploit as WannaCry and some known tools, the Monero mining worm continues.
General Motors activates OnStar Crisis Assist for Hurricane Florence
It will offer real-time directions, free calling, and Wi-Fi, among other aid.
Authors’ viral Twitter thread is now a horror film starring Alyson Hannigan
You Might Be the Killer will premiere at Fantastic Film Fest in Austin Sept. 21.
Here’s what Formula 1 cars may look like in 2021 if the sport gets its way
Aesthetics—not just aerodynamics—are important.
OnePlus ignores its own user polling, removes headphone jack on OnePlus 6T
88 percent of OnePlus poll respondents want a headphone jack? OnePlus doesn't care.
Top cancer expert forgot to mention $3.5M industry ties—he just resigned
For years, José Baselga didn’t mention industry links in dozens of top medical pubs.
Using Medieval DNA to track the barbarian spread into Italy
Cemeteries from the Longobard spread into Italy tell tales of migration and mixing.
This Volvo concept could replace planes and trains with the automobile
The car reimagined as bedroom, office, living room, or club.
Nintendo Switch cloud save data disappears if you cancel subscription
Downloadable NES games require online check-ins within last week to play offline.
Early cheese making may have helped lactose-intolerant farmers spread
Cheese may have helped fuel the spread of agriculture across Europe.
Sorry, Sony Music, you don’t own the rights to Bach’s music on Facebook
Public shaming forces publisher to abandon ridiculous claim to classical music.
You can preorder the Apple Watch Series 4 today, starting at $399
A basic Series 4 costs $70 more than the Series 3 did when it came out last year.
Fake-cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme lands creator in prison
Josh Garza said his company began with noble intentions, but it "turned into greed."
Free-wheeling water droplets plot their own path off a hot plate
Water on hot plate spins and tilts on a vapor cushion—then takes off for freedom.
Rocket Report: Japanese spaceplane, GEO downturn, Block 5 results good
"I think the industry is probably hiring as many artists as engineers."
Dealmaster: Breaking down the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max’s pre-order situation
Pre-orders go live tonight, so here are some quick tips and a deals rundown.
SpaceX says its BFR will fly someone around the Moon; we have questions
Warning: Wild speculation in this story.
New NES controllers headline announcement-filled Nintendo Switch presentation
$60 pack, plus other big Switch news: Animal Crossing, Luigi's Mansion 3 in 2019.
Here are your 2018 Ig Nobel Prize winners
The 2018 awards honor research on cursing while driving and cannibalistic calories.
Trump’s solar tariff isn’t hurting the industry as much as everyone expected
Utilities are trying to add tons of solar before a key tax credit phases out.
Sperm donor #2757 sired at least 45 kids—now they’re connecting online
DNA testing, online registries highlight complexity of lax sperm-donor regulations.
New modification of the old cold boot attack leaves most systems vulnerable
The defenses put in place to thwart the 2008 attack turn out to be very weak.
Niantic rolls out suggestion system for new Pokémon Go locations
Historic points of interest are good nominees, porno stores are not.