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Updated 2018-09-24 22:15
The last nuclear reactors under construction in the US are facing opposition
The three owners of the project will vote whether to keep it next Monday.
Bing starts serving AMP pages as Google prepares to reduce its control
New AMP governance model may go some way toward appeasing critics.
Dealmaster: Take 25 percent off a bunch of popular Nintendo Switch games
Plus PlayStation Classic pre-orders, Amazon device deals, and more.
Guitar Hero TV’s planned shutdown spurs false advertising lawsuit
Class-action argues consumers didn't "reasonably" expect to lose almost 500 songs.
Video: “Delta V,” our new series on all the happenings in the heavens, is live
If you like launch vehicles, we've got you covered with this recurring video series.
New Doctor Who trailer shows first female Doctor is still the boss
Jodie Whittaker takes on iconic role of Doctor Who: the 13th incarnation and first woman.
Major Antarctic ice sheet shrank when it wasn’t much warmer than now
A small bit of warming compared to the present for enough time melts a lot of ice.
Amazon Echo subwoofer and Alexa-capable smart plug may be on the way
These may be two of many new Amazon devices to come this month.
Straining a diamond makes silicon-based qubit behave
Strained diamond crystal makes the qubit less sensitive to thermal vibrations.
Crowdfunding raises millions for quack cancer remedies, like coffee enemas
In the UK, $10M went to unproven, potentially harmful treatments for desperate patients.
First hydrogen-powered train hits the tracks in Germany
Trains on the 62-mile route in Northern Germany will be refueled in Bremervörde.
iOS 12.1 beta suggests a new iPad is coming this fall
An identifier was found in the Setup app, but that's not the only clue.
Judge orders Cody Wilson’s arrest, but he skipped his return flight from Taiwan
New court docs detail child sexual assault allegations against the digital firearms activist.
NewEgg cracked in breach, hosted card-stealing code within its own checkout
Like British Airways breach, attack blended with site code, sent data to lookalike domain.
EU investigating German automakers, alleging collusion on emissions tech
Commissioner suggests the companies may have "agreed not to use the best technology."
Destiny 2: Forsaken review: Hallelujah, Destiny’s back
New expansion blessedly reverses course on the sequel's controversial changes.
Senate passes copyright bill to end 140-year protection for old songs
The Senate just passed a major copyright bill—here's what it does.
Despite data caps and throttling, industry says mobile can replace home Internet
Can mobile replace fiber or cable? Carriers say yes as FCC reviews deployment.
3D-printed gun pioneer Cody Wilson accused of having sex with underage girl
Cody Wilson has not yet been taken into custody, county jail records show.
Quantum observers with knowledge of quantum mechanics break reality
Quantum mechanics can't handle quantum observers that know quantum mechanics.
You can now share your Switch game downloads across consoles
Another belated feature finally gets added to Nintendo's online accounts
Facebook is letting job advertisers target only men
15 employers in past year, including Uber, advertised jobs on Facebook exclusively to one gender.
China appears to be accelerating development of a super-heavy lift rocket
The Long March 9 rocket would be on par with the Saturn V booster.
A new antenna using single atoms could usher in the age of atomic radio
The team tested their device by recording themselves singing "Mary Had a Little Lamb"
Nvidia RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti review: A tale of two very expensive graphics cards
Remember when $700 seemed like a lot of money for a top-of-the-line GPU? Quaint times.
Welcome to NES-flix: Testing Nintendo Online’s new 8-bit library on Switch
20 classic games play swimmingly—unless the app's few quirks get in the way.
Review: Ford crosses over into the mini-SUV segment with tiny EcoSport
Ford's bite-size crossover is kind of economical but not very sporty.
Mirai botnet creators praised for helping FBI, won’t serve prison time
Three men mitigated Memcache attacks, aided APT researchers, and more.
Sony joins the classic-console fray with $99 PlayStation Classic on Dec. 3
First five games confirmed, including Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3.
Russian surveillance plane got shot down by Syria—and Russia blames Israel
Did Israel fail to warn Russia in time, or are Syria's aging air defenses to blame?
You think your neighbors can drive energy conservation
Beliefs about neighbors' environmental attitudes might trump your own.
Apple repays €14B in “illegal aid” to Ireland, so EU drops court case
"Always Ireland's intention to comply with our legal obligations in this regard."
Running Ubuntu VMs on Windows just got a whole lot more streamlined
Desktop image is configured to offer particularly tight Windows integration.
The coolest tech in Audi’s new e-tron electric SUV is banned in the US
The high-end electric SUV market just got a new option.
Video: A quick explainer on the promise—and risks—of TrueDepth in the iPhone XS
An app developer and an Ars editor cover the basics of Apple's 3D camera.
Dealmaster: Take $40 off a 32GB Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet
If you have Prime. Plus deals on Samsung SSDs, Xbox One controllers, and more.
Pictures leak of the “Google Home Hub,” Google’s version of a smart display
Google launched Smart Display software earlier this year; hardware is next.
Judge: FCC can’t hide records that may explain net neutrality comment fraud
Journalist seeks identities of bulk comment submitters, gets partial court win.
Report: Tesla facing criminal probe over “funding secured” tweet
Musk tweeted he had "funding secured" for a buyout—but the proposal fell apart.
Game streaming’s latency problems will be over in a few years, CEO says
Zelnick also says "closed system walls are coming down" for cross-platform play.
Construction to begin on 36 megawatt Moroccan wind farm for Bitcoin mining
While Soluna.io waits for transmission lines, it's hoping to cash in on stranded energy.
The trailer for Captain Marvel is finally here, and it’s spectacular
Will Captain Marvel come to save the day after the devastating events of Infinity War?
Review: HP’s Chromebook x2 could convince me to go all-in on Chrome OS
Fans of the Pixelbook will want to check out this $599 detachable alternative.
Introducing Classic View, a new way for subscribers to browse Ars
Our newest subscriber-only feature is a throwback way of reading Ars.
Amazon said to release eight new Alexa devices before year’s end
An Alexa "in-car gadget" could be one of many revealed at an event later this month.
Ice volcanoes have likely been erupting for billions of years on Ceres
The one cryovolcano we can see now is joined by dozens of extinct ones.
The math of why it’s so hard to build a spherical Death Star in space
In his book Math with Bad Drawings, Ben Orlin connects abstract math with reality.
NASA isn’t going to pay for the BFR, so Musk charts a new course
"This is a non-trivial amount that will have a material impact on the BFR program."
Judge to Georgia voting officials: You’re terrible at digital security
"Advanced persistent threats… and ordinary hacking are unfortunately here to stay."
Tesla’s most credible rival raises $1 billion from Saudi Arabia
Lucid's impressive technology has been held back by a cash shortage.