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Updated 2019-03-21 19:15
Google jumps into gaming with Google Stadia streaming service, coming “in 2019”
Google CEO: "We're building a game platform for everyone."
Facebook: No one reported NZ shooting video during 17-minute livestream
Nearly 200 views during livestream, but no user reports until 12 minutes later.
Corporations, not consumers, drive demand for HP’s new VR headset
HP's second gen headsets have more resolution, more comfort, and wipe-down face cushions.
Apple finally updates the iMac with significantly more powerful CPU and GPU options
The design hasn't changed much, but six CPU cores are now standard at 27 inches.
How OpenXR could glue virtual reality’s fragmenting market together
This week’s provisional release could help unify cross-platform VR development.
Thunderstorm with eye-popping 720GJ of energy
Measured muon flux indicates thunderstorm reached a potential of 1.4GV.
Unity unveils new ties to Nvidia RTX pipeline, takes shots at Unreal
CEO: "We have no interest in competing with your hobbies or your businesses."
Call of Duty Mobile announced for iOS, Android, made by China’s Tencent
Pre-registration is now open at callofduty.com; monetization model not yet announced.
Boeing downplayed 737 MAX software risks, self-certified much of plane’s safety
Recovered "black box" data from Ethiopia crash shows similarities to Lion Air disaster.
LG’s latest, greatest OLED TVs will start shipping in April
We're still waiting to hear on the low-end B9 and the 8K and rollable variants.
New Jersey becomes second state to ban cashless shops and restaurants
The new law takes aim at Amazon Go and others.
Vladimir Putin signs sweeping Internet-censorship bills
Publishing "unreliable socially significant information" can lead to big fines.
Figuring out how an odd, gutless worm regrows its head (or tail)
We've got the genome of the closest living relative to bilaterians.
Brace yourselves: New variant of Mirai takes aim at a new crop of IoT devices
Virulent malware updated to add 11 new exploits.
Google, Microsoft work together for a year to figure out new type of Windows flaw
Researcher finds building blocks for privilege escalation: Can they be assembled to create a flaw?
Myspace apparently lost 12 years’ worth of music, and almost no one noticed
User uploads corrupted in server migration, and Myspace seemingly has no backups.
Report: Trump “would never get in a self-driving car”
"I don't trust some computer to drive me around," Trump reportedly said.
Apple Watch accurately spotted heart condition 34% of the time in study
The study doesn’t use the latest watch and is unpublished and not peer-reviewed.
Former Valve designer, writer dishes on his new “co-op” game studio
Joined by ex-Riot dev: "Chet said one sentence. I said, 'Oh my god. That's the game.'"
Apple updates $499 iPad Air, $399 iPad mini ahead of services event next week
Apple wants all of the spotlight on its new services and subscriptions next week.
SpaceX may begin testing its Starship spacecraft this week
"Starship needs to be ready to fly again immediately after landing."
D-Wave 2000Q hands-on: Steep learning curve for quantum computing
Reconceptualizing a problem is the hard part, but the end is rewarding.
This medieval astrolabe is officially world’s oldest known such instrument
Mariners used the instruments to navigate by the stars while at sea.
Behind the Curve a fascinating study of reality-challenged beliefs
The documentary tracks how people form and maintain bizarre beliefs.
New documentary has a good time asking how gene editing might change the world
Executive produced by Dan Rather; with guest spots from Putin, Jurassic Park.
Sloth-by-sloth-west: The good and the Goop of SXSW 2019 (in pictures)
Gallery: It's impossible to see it all, but let this visual tour provide a sense of SXSW.
500 million years of climate history pinned on plate tectonics
My plate tectonic collisions bring all the glaciers to the yard.
How hackers pulled off a $20 million bank heist
Efforts were enabled by sloppy and insecure network architecture in Mexico.
Beto O’Rourke outed as Cult of Dead Cow member, phreaker and writer of screeds
In book interview, O'Rourke admits to CDC membership—long before Back Orifice.
MIT scientists: Heat can act like sound wave when moving through pencil lead
Exotic "second sound" phenomenon could one day help cool future microelectronics.
How a wireless keyboard lets hackers take full control of connected computers
Keystrokes can be recorded, replayed and injected into Fujitsu wireless model.
It’s time to start caring about “VR cinema,” and SXSW’s stunners are proof
Sit in a punk-rock wheelchair, dote on cute zombies, dance with Reggie Watts, and more.
Wingspan review: A gorgeous birding board game takes flight
Not just a pretty face, the Scythe publisher's newest game is a crowd-pleaser.
Hands-on: What’s new in Android Q
Lots of little changes in the first beta of Android Q.
How Google influences the conversation in Washington
Google lobbying has shifted into overdrive as Big Tech comes under increased scrutiny.
Study finds people in Ireland and Scotland made “bog butter” for millennia
Nearly all Irish bog butters sampled were made from dairy rather than animal fats.
Report: James Gunn has been un-fired from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
After Disney firing in July over tweets, Gunn defected to DC Studios, Suicide Squad.
Any Steam game can now use Valve’s low-latency, DoS-proofed networking
43 percent of gamers have enjoyed reduced latency from the network.
Social media sites struggle to contain video of New Zealand shooting
Video of the massacre spread rapidly on social media.
ISPs strike deal with Vermont to suspend state net neutrality law
Vermont and ISPs agree to delay law until judges rule on FCC repeal.
Epic says its Game Store is not spying on you
But Sweeney says it will stop accessing Steam friends lists without permission.
After pushing addictive OxyContin, Purdue now pursuing overdose antidote
Purdue still blames the crisis on illicit drugs but says it won’t profit from antidote.
Rocket Report: SLS delays prompt NASA action, Brazil considering launch site
"I think we as an agency need to stick to our commitment."
Everything you need to know before Apple’s March 25 “it’s show time” event
Apple's TV play has been a long time coming, but there might be new hardware, too.
HBO’s Elizabeth Holmes documentary tells a bloody good story of a bad con job
What film lacks in hard science, it makes up for with answers to how she pulled it off.
At quick Los Angeles event, Tesla announces the 300-mile-range Model Y
The SUV will seat 7 and be a successor to the Model 3.
Nasty WinRAR bug is being actively exploited to install hard-to-detect malware
19-year-old code-execution flaw exploited within days of being disclosed.
Food innovations changed our mouths, which in turn changed our languages
The overbite that comes from eating soft food may make "ffff" sounds more common.
A new rash of highly covert card-skimming malware infects ecommerce sites
GMO sniffer infected Fila UK for 4 months. Six US sites remain compromised.
Iran pumps up “massive” offensive exercise with as many as 50 drones
Knock-offs of US RQ-170, Predator drones included in coordinated strike test.