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Updated 2019-02-15 19:18
Trail Alert: Burke-Gilman Trail detour along Seaview
Work is starting on a Seattle Public Utilities project that will detour the Burke-Gilman Trail along a stretch of Seaview Ave NW in Ballard so crews can stage equipment. Unfortunately, the detour plans currently say that people biking will be … Continue reading →
The Seattle Bike & Outdoor Show is this weekend at CenturyLink Field Event Center
The Seattle Bike & Outdoor Show is this weekend. So if you want to check out the latest wares or test ride some new bikes, head down to CenturyLink Field Event Center in Pioneer Square 9–6 Saturday or 9–5 Sunday. … Continue reading →
Electric Lady’s Alex Kostelnik on why he’s closing the Central District e-bike shop
Alex Kostelnik is getting out of the e-bike showroom business. After nearly three years on the front lines of a volatile e-bike industry, selling shiny new bikes out of the Central District’s Electric Lady, he finds himself looking longingly up … Continue reading →
People walk across street at crosswalk
There were zero pedestrians counted at this Ballard intersection on a Tuesday in January. It was built late last year as part of bus enhancement project. We counted again on Tuesday in January and usage meets the MUTCD threshold for … Continue reading →
Redesigned Northgate bike/walk bridge construction should start middle of this year
Crossing I-5 in Northgate is terrible today. The freeway divides the neighborhood, and the few places where crossing on foot or bike is possible are either far apart or very stressful. So as the region prepares to open a light … Continue reading →
City advances plans for N 34th St redesign in Fremont + Take the survey
SDOT is moving forward with a plan to redesign N 34th Street between Stone Way and the Fremont Bridge, a major connection in the regional bike network linking the Burke-Gilman Trail to the Fremont Bridge. Though the most popular option … Continue reading →
It’s snowy! Obviously, that means it’s time to look for ‘sneckdowns’ on streets near you
We don’t get the chance to do this often, Seattle, so don’t miss the chance to document some of the “sneckdowns” on streets near you. What is a sneckdown, you ask? Well, mother nature has essentially painted the city’s streets … Continue reading →
Check out these 300+ neighbor-created ideas to improve Seattle streets
Seattle residents and organizations submitted more than 300 specific Neighborhood Street Fund ideas for improving our city’s streets, and now SDOT needs help prioritizing them. You can weigh in online by February 22. The refined list will then go through another … Continue reading →
Bike News Roundup: Batman parks in a bike lane
It’s time for the Bike News Roundup! Here’s a look at some of the stuff floating around the web that caught my eye recently. First up! Seattle Police tweeted this the other day: SPD PRO TIP: Bike lanes are for … Continue reading →
Stoked Spoke 2019 kicks off Wed. with ‘Women, Trans and Femme Riders in Early Cycling History’
Seattle’s annual bicycle adventure presentation series Stoked Spoke kicks off 2019 Wednesday with a unique look back at the early days of American cycling by Tessa Hulls. Swift Industries (a SBB sponsor) is once again hosting the series at the … Continue reading →
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy launches campaign to build trail from Seattle to DC – UPDATED
“The Great American Rail-Trail” could stretch from Seattle to Washington D.C., entirely off-road and with gentle grades. This is the dream the national Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (“RTC”) announced today, noting that about half the 4,000-mile route is already complete in some form … Continue reading →
Even a skewed Seattle Times poll finds little support for more driving
You may have seen a headline from the Seattle Times going around this weekend saying that people in Seattle and Kind County don’t like bike lanes. Well, it’s not really as simple as the headline might suggest. I’ve been thinking … Continue reading →
We have just proven that Seattle doesn’t need a highway tunnel or massive waterfront road
So it turns out that when people across the Seattle region plan ahead and change their transportation habits, we can prove to ourselves that we don’t need SR 99 to go through downtown after all. After months of news stories … Continue reading →
Bike counts were way up on first day of SR 99 closure, and West Seattle neighbors deserve a ton of credit
The bike counter at the foot of the Spokane Street Bridge to West Seattle measured a 327 percent more trips Monday than seen at this time of year previously. The counter has only measured more trips in a single day … Continue reading →
Aside from some untreated ice patches, biking was a great way around Day 1 without SR 99
Biking around the city this morning was amazing. Sure, the weather helped a lot, with clear skies and a jaw-dropping sunrise fueling my ride to join the SE Seattle Bike Train. No matter how many times I experience it, the … Continue reading →
Want some company biking downtown? Join these welcoming West and SE Seattle rides or start your own
Biking on city streets can be more fun and less intimidating when you are with a group. And riding with a group can be a great way to become familiar with a route and learn some tips before trying it … Continue reading →
Waterfront bike routes will remain open during upcoming SR 99 closure
Waterfront bike routes, including the path under the Viaduct along Alaskan Way downtown, will remain open during the upcoming SR 99 closure, SDOT confirmed today. We have received a lot of questions in the past week from folks wondering is … Continue reading →
Bellevue is creating a Vision Zero ‘action plan,’ take their survey
The Bellevue City Council unanimously endorsed Vision Zero in 2015, and now they are putting together an action plan to help eliminate deaths and serious injuries on city streets by 2030. City staff have put together an online survey to … Continue reading →
JUMP expands service to SE and West Seattle following criticism, announces 2K new bikes
Following a Seattle Times story critical of the company’s limited service area, JUMP has expanded to include all of Southeast and West Seattle. Though the Times story headline says that JUMP has been charging people $25 for parking outside the … Continue reading →
Would you bike on the ‘E?’ How about the ‘Eastway?’
As we reported previously, King County is trying to come up with a better name for the Eastside Rail Corridor, and they have narrowed it down to four finalists: The E, The Eastrail, The 425 and the Eastway. You can … Continue reading →
2018 bike counts up 32 percent on 2nd Ave downtown after bike lane, bike share expansion
The final counts are in, and 2018 is officially a new high water mark for biking in Seattle. Looking at the real-time bike counter data from around town, biking was up significantly in Fremont and across the lower West Seattle … Continue reading →
People in Seattle have taken more than 2M Lime trips + ofo appears to be imploding
People in Seattle have taken more than 2,050,000 trips on Lime bikes since the company launched in summer 2017, according their annual report. That’s a pace of about 1.5 million trips per year for just one of the companies serving … Continue reading →
Bike News Roundup: SDOT Baby
It’s time for the Bike News Roundup! Here’s some stuff floating around the web recently that caught our eye. First up, a Seattle transportation wishlist in holiday song form by Laura Goodfellow: Pacific Northwest News With John/Thomas corridor work underway, … Continue reading →
Seattle and Bellevue both make it on America’s Best New Bikeways of 2018
Seattle and Bellevue both turned heads nationally with protected bike lanes that opened this year, making People For Bikes’ list of “America’s 10 Best New Bikeways of 2018.” Seattle’s entry, the fantastic 2nd Ave bike lane extension in Belltown, made … Continue reading →
Mayor nominates Sam Zimbabwe to be next SDOT Director
Mayor Jenny Durkan has nominated Washington DC’s Sam Zimbabwe to be the next Director of SDOT, emphasizing his experience in project delivery and multimodal urban planning during a Tuesday press conference. If the City Council confirms him quickly, Zimbabwe could … Continue reading →
Google Maps now suggests Lime bikes in its transit directions
Lime’s bikes and scooters now show up as a transit option in Google Maps in a select number of cities. The app takes into account both the time to walk to the nearest bike and the bike ride to give … Continue reading →
Judge decides Missing Link megastudy did not adequately address economic concerns
In yet another partial court defeat, the Ballard Missing Link of the Burke-Gilman Trail has once again been thrown into question this week after King County Superior Court Judge Samuel Chung sided with the city on two out of three … Continue reading →
WSDOT is testing out a less bumpy gap cover on the 520 Bridge trail
The trail on the 520 Bridge is amazing, except for one annoying and possibly dangerous detail: The metal plates that cover the floating bridge’s expansion gaps are jarringly bumpy. It’s a frustrating detail in what is otherwise a wonderful experience … Continue reading →
Mayor’s last-minute ousting of Bike Advisory Board Chair was an awful way to treat a volunteer
Just hours before the November meeting of the Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board, Co-Chair Casey Gifford received a call from the Mayor’s Office informing her she was headed to her last meeting on the volunteer board. The decision stunned Board members … Continue reading →
Ahead of January’s traffic crunch downtown, here’s some advice for first-time winter bike commuters
Is it the Period of Maximum Constraint or the Seattle Squeeze or the Jenny Jam? Doesn’t really matter what you call it (well, Mayor Jenny Durkan would really like you to call it the Seattle Squeeze), you should be figuring … Continue reading →
Man recovering from Harvard Ave E hit and run Friday seeking folks on bikes who stopped to help
Did you see or stop to help a man injured while biking on Harvard Ave E at E Allison St Friday morning around 9 a.m.? Ariel and his wife Roï are trying to get in touch with the people who … Continue reading →
Cascade: Support the Missing Link at a Friday court hearing
The Ballard Missing Link of the Burke-Gilman Trail has (hopefully) one last legal hurdle to clear. Opponents have appealed the trail’s massive environmental study even after the Seattle Hearing Examiner said it was sufficient. Now the case is in the … Continue reading →
After WA won #1 for a decade, Bike League changes its state-by-state report cards
Perhaps tired of handing the top honors to a barely-deserving Washington State year after year, the League of American Bicyclists changed its annual state-by-state rankings into a set of 50 individual report cards that track each state’s progress. And by … Continue reading →
Under Mayor Durkan, Seattle has only built about 4% of its 2018 bike lane goal
Under Mayor Jenny Durkan, Seattle has nearly stopped building bike lanes. With the need to build more than ten miles of protected bike lanes in order to reach the Move Seattle Levy’s bike lane goals, SDOT says it will have … Continue reading →
2018’s one millionth Fremont Bridge bike trip is about to cross, smashing the record
Whoever bikes across the Fremont Bridge as number 1,582 today will tip the 2018 bike counter into seven digits, clobbering all previous records by a wide margin. Bike trips across the iconic bridge, which forms a pinch point for many … Continue reading →
After mediation fails, 35th Ave NE bike lanes head to Mayor Durkan’s desk
Remember the $10,000 of bicycle safety funds Councilmember Rob Johnson and Mayor Jenny Durkan spent on a confidential mediation effort to see if there was any way for bike lane opponents and supporters to agree on a plan for the … Continue reading →
The Eastside Rail Corridor needs a new name
It may be the most exciting opportunity for biking and walking (and some transit) in the whole region, but the name “Eastside Rail Corridor” sure sounds boring. It describes what the corridor used to be rather than what it could … Continue reading →
Take this Pike/Pine bike lane survey + Rethinking Pine St downtown
Few bike improvements in the city could have a bigger impact than a safe, comfortable and fully connected bike route from the Pike Place Market to Broadway. And due to the grade of First and Capitol Hills as well as … Continue reading →
Scenes from Cranksgiving 2018: A new donation record
Seattle’s Cranksgiving 2018 hit a new record Saturday, with 150 riders donating an astounding 1,713 pounds of food to Rainier Valley Food Bank. For the ninth year, Seattle Bike Blog hosted this food drive scavenger hunt by bike on RVFB’s … Continue reading →
Uber’s JUMP launches their lock-to, slightly cheaper e-bikes in central Seattle
After months of delays getting the new bike share permit in place and through environmental review, Uber’s JUMP launched in Seattle this morning. They join Lime, which has had a temporary monopoly on bike share in town since early summer … Continue reading →
After deep review, SDOT reaffirms plans for Eastlake bike lanes
There may be no bike project north of downtown Seattle more important than Eastlake Ave. Connecting to the University Bridge today and the 520 Trail in the future, Eastlake is an already well-used bike route with huge promise for growth. … Continue reading →
Sunday: World Day of Remembrance will be a healing space for those impacted by traffic violence
Every year, about 20 people die in traffic collisions in Seattle. Another 150 people are seriously injured, often resulting in life-changing health issues. And for every one of these victims and survivors, there is a community of loved ones whose … Continue reading →
ALERT: West Seattle swing bridge will be out from 7-9 Tuesday night, shuttles available
Attention folks who bike across the lower West Seattle Bridge: SDOT just announced a closure from 7 to 9 p.m. tonight (Tuesday). As with the previous closure, there will be a shuttle to help folks walking and biking get across, … Continue reading →
Huge fire burns lumber warehouses near SPU, expect Ship Canal Trail delays – UPDATED
A huge fire destroyed lumber warehouses owned by Gascoigne Lumber Company and Northwest Millworks Saturday night, but luckily there are no reports of injuries at this time. We hope it stays that way. Regular users of the Ship Canal Trail should … Continue reading →
Tell the City Council to protect red light camera funds for safe streets near schools
In an attempt to balance the City Council’s 2019-20 budget, Councilmember Sally Bagshaw has eyed nearly $2.7 million in red light camera funds that currently go to the School Safety Traffic and Pedestrian Improvement Fund (see the budget green sheet … Continue reading →
Bainbridge Island voters reject $15M safe streets levy
Buried in the election results this week was a somewhat disappointing result over on Bainbridge Island. The city’s modest SAFE Mobility Levy lost, with the ongoing result sitting at 45–55 as of Thursday morning. The levy would have raised $15 … Continue reading →
Bike News Roundup: Biking to protect Seattle beaches
It’s time for the Bike News Roundup! Here’s a look at some stuff going around lately that caught our eye. First up, it may not be a carbon tax, but Seattle’s Jen Strongin was recently featured in a Lime promo video … Continue reading →
Seattle’s Cranksgiving 2018 is November 17
A food drive scavenger hunt by bike, Cranksgiving riders bike to a secret list of unique food sellers around Seattle buying food to donate to Rainier Valley Food Bank. For the ninth year, Seattle’s Cranksgiving is hosted by Seattle Bike … Continue reading →
Obligatory end of Daylight Saving Time bike lights post
Sunset is at 4:45 today. 4:45! That means the typical evening commute will happen in the dark and twilight hours for the next several months. So lets talk about bike lights. Longtime readers may remember previous posts about bike lights … Continue reading →
Missing Link design nearly complete, construction to begin this winter (unless the court intervenes)
Barring a court order, construction on the Ballard Missing Link of the Burke-Gilman Trail is scheduled to begin this winter. So while an appeal is still working its way through the courts, the city is moving forward with a construction … Continue reading →